Christianity & Creativity: Kitsch in Art

Christianity & Creativity: Kitsch in Art

What is the real problem with kitsch, especially religious kitsch?
Does it bother you? Maybe it should.

But it is not repulsive because we are artistic snobs, who learned in college to snub our noses at shallow art.

No. We find it lacking because there is no depth in kitsch, no recognition of the struggle between good and evil, and therefore, no room for the beautiful depth of Christ conquering the grave.


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4 comments on “Christianity & Creativity: Kitsch in Art”

  1. Mara Reply

    I really enjoyed your comments about Kitsch…and I really never had the time to think about it except that there are some kinds of art I like and some forms I don’t like. I always figured I just didn’t understand it but never wanted to take the time to understand it. I see this shallow (sorry, but that’s how I see it) art prominent these days in children’s book illustrations and crafting/home decor markets also. A comment I frequently hear some artists say is, “Gosh, that looks like the work of a kindergartener!”.

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