Christianity & Creativity: An Artist’s Calling

We continue with the next video in our vlog series called Christianity & Creativity: An Artist’s Calling. In our video we answer the common questions many artists of faith ask: What is your calling as an Artist? What really does it mean to have a ‘calling’ ? In this video, AEM CEO Rev. Joel Pelsue provides a few key distinctions about what your ‘calling’ is and what it is not. These distinctions should give you clarity and lead you closer to confidence about what God is calling you to do. These questions are asked by creatives every year, and we created an online course to address the questions around calling. Enjoy the video, and check out our online class on Calling coming soon.


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2 comments on “Christianity & Creativity: An Artist’s Calling”

  1. Wendy W Wolff Reply

    Thank you Pastor Joel,
    I am so grateful for you and Michelle and your solid and steady approach to all areas of being and artist. You truly set the example in your personal lives as to what it means to live out the principles you just spoke of. Thank you for making relationships such a high value. ~WWW

    • Joel Pelsue Reply


      Thank you so much for your comments. It was a pleasure to be at your gallery opening recently and to catch up with you and lots of mutual friends. Stay safe during the corona craziness.


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