Christianity & Creativity: Bezalel

Enjoy this new vlog series entitled Christianity and Creativity. The first video in this series is about Bezalel, the first person in the Bible to be filled with the Spirit- an Artist! If you are interested in the intersection of faith and art, this new video series is for you. Also mentioned in the video is our Arts & Entertainment Institute (AEI). AEI is where we discuss Bezalel and the Bezalel Principles in great detail. Let us know what you think in the comments below on this new series: Christianity & Creativity: Bezalel.

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  1. Marigold Reply

    Thank you. Through this God has touched my heart and made me cry tears of release. I have just been reading Exodus and though I was encouraged by reading how God empowered those men, hearing you voice it has been emotional.

    • Joel Pelsue Reply


      Many Blessings. Thank you so much for sharing, and what an honor it is have encouraged you and given you freedom in this area. Please let us know if there is any other topic we can address to be of help.

      – joel

  2. Kent Dickerson Reply

    I have had difficulty finding financial success in recent years. For the past 6 months, I have prayed to be filled with the Spirit like Bezalel to break through this. This past week seemed the perfect time to finish a project which I have not been able to complete in 14 years (it takes extreme precision and care) and I desired to enter the project in an art show within the next few weeks. My wife was out of country for 8 days and I could totally focus on this task. I began with prayer and praise, then set to work. Working out a plan of attack seemed to go well but then I lost a tiny component, spent hours looking for it, and finally gave up and found alternative components to accomplish the task. But I was convinced it would not go well without the Spirit’s input I so desired. So I pressed in more in prayer and praise for days, with all my heart, which often included tears. The week ended with a couple of minor health issues, including an eye infection. I continue to pray for deliverance and the Spirit.
    Joel, is there anything more I can do?

    • Joel Pelsue Reply


      First, I think you would be encouraged by reading this:

      Second, as I teach in my Artist’s Calling Course, the financial issue relates to God’s calling for us to provide for our families….however you may do that. Or however you and your spouse may decide to pursue that. We need discernment in this area, and need to recognize that God may be calling you to pursue art as an avocation instead of a vocation.
      here is the course:

      Third, remember that we can be tempted to focus on listening to God, when really we need to use the gifts God has already given us. God works through the wisdom and training we have already developed. Artists can feel pious in ‘waiting on the Spirit’ when really they just need to use their talents and skills and get to work. Prayer is important, but it does not trump your talent.

      Think of Handel. God used his great talent, and inspired him to write The Messiah. God did not pick a random artist who was praying the most. He picked a man who had developed his talents and who was seeking to honor God at the same time. I hope this helps!

  3. Kent Dickerson Reply

    One more clarification. Meanwhile, the spiritual lessons God has brought for me to share in these six months have been phenomenal. But I continue to have no financial support for the ministry. I am praying for that as well.

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