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the anti-hero and the gospel

The Anti-hero and the Gospel

The Anti-Hero and the Gospel Anti-heroes abound in all types of literature, TV and Film in our present culture. This tells us something profound about our culture. But how does this connect with the gospel? The truth is both traditional heroes and anti-heroes emanate from Biblical models and storytelling. When the hero saves the day […]

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a christian manifesto for the arts

A Christian Manifesto for the Arts

A Christian Manifesto for the Arts What are the core principles all Christians can agree on when it comes to creating art, film, video games, etc? Join us to begin learning about these principles. Today, we start with principles from the Ten Commandments, with a few additional caveats and considerations.     Tell us your […]

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creative partnerships who to trust

Creative Partnerships: Who to trust?

Creative Partnerships: Who to Trust? Creative partnerships can be powerful and life giving, but they can also be devastating because it can be hard to know who to trust. The truth is, far too many creative partnerships fail. This results in projects that never get finished as well as emotional and vocational collateral damage. So […]

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ignite your creative career

Ignite Your Creative Career

Ignite Your Creative Career Instead of waiting for someone else to recognize your talent and skill, it’s time to ignite your creative career! You need more than just purpose, and passion. It is essential that you are proactive. Too many creatives spend time waiting to be discovered, when there are practical steps they can take […]

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stop saying excellence is enough

Stop Saying Excellence is Enough

Stop Saying Excellence is Enough Nobody wants to create or experience art that is low quality. But the corrective, “Just be excellent,” is a cheap substitute for a deeper, more thoughtful answer. We need a robust answer that connects the nature of creativity and art to the fabric of our faith. Excellence is a great […]

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