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artists courage required

Artists: Courage Required

Artists: Courage Required True artists know the courage required in a creative life. And yet, there is a myth arising from the bohemian imagination that depicts artists enjoying the carefree lifestyle while pursuing their creative whims. In such a world there is no need to pound the pavement trying to sell your art, or a […]

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pivot now in your creative career

Pivot Now In Your Creative Career

Pivot Now In Your Creative Career We are living in CRAZY, UNPREDICTABLE times. Creatives are being hit especially hard. Concert halls are silent, theatres and galleries are empty, productions studios have come to a halt. The concern is too many artists are getting discouraged, depressed and weighed down by this Covid-19 world. But there is […]

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5 myths artists face

5 Myths Artists Face

5 Myths Artists Face There are 5 myths artists face, well… actually many more. In this video blog we tackle some of the really invasive myths. Those myths that derail your creativity, success and faith. Let’s be honest—we are ALL tempted to believe things that simply aren’t true and won’t help us. They are myths. […]

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lies artists believe overnight success

Lies Artists Believe: Overnight Success

Lies Artists Believe: Overnight Success Becoming an overnight success is an attractive, but deceptive idea. It is another one of the lies artists believe. Unfortunately, as Kevin Hart stated, “Hollywood has a way of making everything seem like an overnight success.” Los Angeles seems to fuel this dream more than other cities. Yet the more […]

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lies artists believe money

Lies Artists Believe: Money

Lies Artists Believe: Money One of the lies artists believe is that money is the solution to their problems. This lie is tempting because money can empower us to do things we never imagined. It can enable us to overcome hurdles, and give us traction. The illusion is that money fixes problems. The reality is […]

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christianity & creativity feedback loop

Christianity & Creativity: Feedback Loop

Christianity & Creativity: Feedback Loop We continue with the next video in our vlog series called Christianity & Creativity: Feedback Loop. Our health and our success depend on people who are sounding boards for our ideas and our projects. Without solid feedback you will live in a creative bubble, doomed to repeat only the ideas […]

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lies artists believe worthiness

Lies Artists Believe: Worthiness

Lies Artists Believe: Worthiness One of the devastating lies artists believe is the lie of unworthiness. Many artists feel unworthy to pursue serious success. Many feel unworthy to spend time and money on their creative life. Sound familiar? Are these struggles you or your colleagues face? Anchor If you don’t anchor your worthiness in the […]

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lies artists believe self expression

Lies Artists Believe: Self Expression

Lies Artists Believe: Self Expression As we continue our series on lies artists believe, we arrive now at “Self-Expression.” Unlike most of history, art today is not about representing the world as it is, or depicting an objective reality, but about self-expression. The lie we are tempted to believe is that all we need to […]

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