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timeless art deep faith

Timeless Art & Deep Faith

Timeless Art & Deep Faith Creating timeless art that resonates with audiences for years to come, does not come from being vague, but from the specific exploration of our own personal experiences in life and if you are a Christian, from your deep faith. Anyone can write about sunny days and eating ice cream, without […]

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what fuels our artistic purpose

What Fuels Our Artistic Purpose

What Fuels Our Artistic Purpose We all long for a clear vision for our life and our art, and to realize what fuels our artistic purpose. Few realize the profound truth that our life’s purpose and our art’s purpose are discovered in the same source. The same inspiration and creative impulses are running through your […]

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time management strategies for creatives

Time Management Strategies for Creatives

Time Management Strategies for Creatives Time management strategies for creatives are essential to long-lasting success in your career. Time management and creativity sound like strange bedfellows, but they are inextricably connected if you want to keep your relationships and your sanity. In truth, every creative person longs to achieve success, longevity and health. Yet few […]

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Does God Care About Art?

Does God Care About Art? Back to the foundational questions artists, creatives, and pastors need to understand. Without this, Christians and the church will fail to engage their culture in a robust way. God cares deeply about the arts, and the evidence is throughout the Bible. Join us to learn the passages and principles that […]

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