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creativity and risktaking

Creativity and Risktaking

Creativity and Risktaking From the time we are children we are wildly creative. How do we recover that child-like freedom to take risks and be boldly creative? How do we overcome the shame, or fear that is holding us back? Join me and learn how God invites you to overcome your fears, and begin taking […]

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deep creativity

Deep Creativity

Deep Creativity Shallow ideas have fleeting impact, while deep creativity impacts the lives of others and the broader culture. If Christians want to have significant influence, their creativity must be fueled by the principles of deep creativity. Silly nostalgia is no good. Kitsch will only distract audiences and dilute the seriousness of the gospel, and […]

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becoming a bold creative

Becoming A Bold Creative

Becoming A Bold Creative Becoming a bold creative is a good and wise goal as an artist or creative professional. But first you must answer some important questions—What’s holding you back, right now, from starting a new career, launching a new kind of art, or becoming bolder with the art you already create? Lots of […]

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issachar creatives

Issachar Creatives

Issachar Creatives (Artists Leading the Culture) God is raising up Issachar Creatives. Not just great artists. Issachar Creatives possess unusual insight into where our culture is headed and they have a deep knowledge of God’s word. This isn’t a term I’ve seen somewhere else, but a term I have created for something that is needed, […]

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artists seeking the good of the city

Artists Seeking the Good of the City

Artists Seeking the Good of the City Artists who understand God’s heart will be artists seeking the good of the city. To be honest, we all, naturally, focus on ourselves…praying for help in our own careers. But, when is the last time you asked God how you can make a difference in your industry, or […]

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why artists are leaving L A

Why Artists Are Leaving Los Angeles

Why Artists Are Leaving Los Angeles “I didn’t move to the city to count all my pennies, and worship the Hollywood sign.” -Rich Love, by One Republic It’s no surprise artists and creatives are moving, but the real question is why artists are leaving L.A. Every week someone else in our community decides to leave. […]

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portraying evil in art

Portraying Evil in Art

Portraying Evil in Art Portraying evil in art accurately can be hard. Evil is part of reality. It is a legitimate topic for all kinds of art…and yet, as creatives how do we guard our hearts? This may be the most challenging for actors and actresses depicting evil characters, but any creative taking time to […]

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