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Category Archives: Blog

start celebrating

Start Celebrating

Start Celebrating You have been given the gift of life, of friends, of your talents, so when will you start celebrating? Hollywood knows the value of a party to wrap up a film shoot, and theater directors know the same value of celebrating of the run of a show, but long before those customs existed, […]

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dangerous loves

Dangerous Loves

Dangerous Loves Love is an essential part of life, but it is not without danger, in fact our cherished loves themselves may transform into dangerous loves. What about our love of art, film, dance, or theater? Is that love pure? What about love for our family, or our community? Our culture praises the self and […]

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Your creativity demands your whole self

Your Creativity Demands Your Whole Self

Your Creativity Demands Your Whole Self Our latest video discusses how your creativity demands your whole self. As an artist of faith, God calls you to create with all your heart, all your mind, and all your soul. There is no other option. To create half-hearted art is to fail to honor God with your […]

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seasons of the creative life

Seasons of the Creative Life

Seasons of The Creative Life The successful career of an artist requires adapting to the seasons of the creative life. The same creativity required to innovate and express new ideas, is needed to adapt to the seasons of life. Each season in life presents us with fresh opportunities and obstacles. From studying under mentors in […]

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knowing your why

Knowing Your Why

Knowing Your Why Surviving and thriving in a creative field requires knowing your “why.” Your purpose must be greater than any setback you encounter. Nothing worthwhile comes easy, and there is no story worth reading that does not possess a struggle. The fascinating truth is that your life and your art possess this same dynamic. […]

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art fear freedom

Art, Fear & Freedom

Art, Fear & Freedom Your creative life and your spiritual life will grind to a halt if you don’t face your fears. God didn’t design you to live in fear or to be paralyzed by fear. Becoming a thriving artist and a healthy person requires the courage to face our fears, and to find freedom […]

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surprised by joy

Surprised By Joy

Surprised by Joy Great stories always encounter overwhelming obstacles and challenges, but somehow in the end we find a new hope and we can be surprised by joy. This is not only in first world countries or in western culture. It is universal. Why? Because the human heart was made with a homing device, which […]

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life before the resurrection

Life Before the Resurrection

Life Before the Resurrection This past weekend we celebrated Palm Sunday and reflected on Jesus’ life before the resurrection. What a marvelous day it must have been for the disciples when Jesus was finally honored, praised, and celebrated. They may have started to wonder when this day would come. How many times had Jesus performed […]

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