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lies artists believe age

Lies Artists Believe: Age

Lies Artists Believe: Age One of the lies artists believe today is, “If only I was the right age, then I would be successful.” Surprisingly this can go both directions. Some people wish they had started younger and think if they were just younger and cooler, they would be embraced and get the gigs they […]

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lies artists believe location

Lies Artists Believe: Location

Lies Artists Believe: Location One of the lies artists believe today is, “If only I lived in the right city like Los Angeles, New York or London, then I would make the right connections or get ‘discovered’.” What’s holding me back from success is where I live. Big markets have big challenges. While it is […]

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when the church hurts artists

When the Church Hurts Artists

When the church hurts artists, both the church and the artist lose. Here at AEM we wish we didn’t continue to hear these stories of artists wounded and hurt by the church, but we do. The church should be the place you are encouraged and nurtured in your creativity, but when that doesn’t happen, the […]

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dont wait to be discovered

Don’t Wait to Be Discovered

Don’t Wait to Be Discovered If you want to succeed, don’t wait to be discovered! In the world where YouTubers get TV deals, bloggers get book deals, and social media moguls make money from 140 character tweets, the old rules come crumbling down. The gatekeepers have lost much of their power in the wake of […]

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a way forward

A Way Forward

A Way Forward In moments of cultural crisis, it can be hard to find a way forward. Emotions have been at a sweltering high. This week as my son graduates high school, I am reminded of the Rodney King riots during my graduation from college here in Southern California. We all hoped things would be […]

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the artist's achilles' heel

The Artist’s Achilles’ Heel

The Artist’s Achilles’ Heel As artists and creative professionals, we have killer instincts in the creative process but often have the artist’s Achilles’ heel. Most of us creatives are really quite disciplined, and some would say aggressive when it comes to creating, iterating, and finishing our creations, regardless of what they are: paintings, sculptures, choreography, […]

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when artists stop creating

When Artists Stop Creating

When Artists Stop Creating There is a time when artists stop creating. It is not a new struggle but a struggle we find over 2,000 years ago in Babylon. The reasons are many. It may be a long stretch between gigs. It may be a weariness of the soul. Maybe you even achieved your goals […]

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is there art in heaven

Is There Art in Heaven?

Is There Art in Heaven? Is there art in heaven? A curious question with serious implications. Heaven will be a haven for creatives. It will be inspiring, empowering and a breath of fresh air that will last for eternity. Artists will be able to continue the work they loved here on earth. This will not […]

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toilet paper inspiration

Toilet Paper Inspiration

Toilet Paper Inspiration As I refer to toilet paper inspiration in this case, I am referring to the amazing turn of the tides in the art world regarding the famous and very successful, deceased artist Thomas Kinkade. As the saying goes, you can’t make this stuff up. Who would have thought someone the mainstream art […]

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