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ignite your creative career

Ignite Your Creative Career

Ignite Your Creative Career Instead of waiting for someone else to recognize your talent and skill, it’s time to ignite your creative career! You need more than just purpose, and passion. It is essential that you are proactive. Too many creatives spend time waiting to be discovered, when there are practical steps they can take […]

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stop saying excellence is enough

Stop Saying Excellence is Enough

Stop Saying Excellence is Enough Nobody wants to create or experience art that is low quality. But the corrective, “Just be excellent,” is a cheap substitute for a deeper, more thoughtful answer. We need a robust answer that connects the nature of creativity and art to the fabric of our faith. Excellence is a great […]

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will artists create art in heaven

Will Artists Create Art in Heaven

Will Artists Create Art in Heaven? Will Artists create art in heaven? There is no passage in scripture that says our creativity will cease in heaven, or that our desire to communicate in creative ways will decrease. If anything, all the allusions to life with Christ point to a body and soul that are glorified. […]

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why churches need artists

Why Churches Need Artists

Why Churches Need Artists There is a reason why churches need artists. The Bible invites us to “taste and see” that the Lord is good. From architects able to create buildings that proclaim the glory of God and illuminate the Gospel, to musicians who lead us in worship, and the craftsmanship required to make the […]

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increase creativity through deep work

Increase Creativity Through Deep Work

Increase Creativity Through Deep Work To compete in the world of A.I., and to thrive as a creative you need to know how to increase creativity through deep work. One of the most essential and most challenging things to do right now is to live deeply. This means taking a look at four areas of […]

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why we need parables and fairy tales

Why We Need Parables and Fairy Tales

Why We Need Parables and Fairy Tales There’s an important reason we need parables and fairy tales. Spiritual maturity is not about leaving our imagination behind. Spiritual maturity fosters creativity and imagination which builds on and informs our faith. Even great pastors create great illustrations and mental pictures to help us understand the bible. Great […]

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art and dangerous ideas joseph campbell

Art & Dangerous Ideas Joseph Campbell

Art & Dangerous Ideas: Joseph Campbell There are few authors as influential as this one when it comes to our series on art and dangerous ideas: Joseph Campbell. Joseph is lauded in our culture as a genius whose ideas are portrayed as universally helpful because his story structure is helpful for writers, but his underlying […]

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don't rush the artistic process

Don’t Rush the Artistic Process

Don’t Rush the Artistic Process Rushing the artistic process is bad for your creativity, your relationships, and even your soul. That may sound like hyperbole, but it isn’t. Your art and your soul benefit when you slow down and give the appropriate time you need to your artistic process. And if you want to make […]

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