Christianity & Creativity: The Audience

We continue with the next video in our vlog series called Christianity & Creativity: The Audience.
You need more than great ideas and craftsmanship to become a great artist. You also need a great audience of patrons, fans, or online customers. But your relationship with your audience should be driven by one key passion if you are a Christian. Watch the sixth video in our Christianity and Creativity Series here:

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2 comments on “Christianity & Creativity: The Audience”

  1. Carole L Haines Reply

    I so appreciate your video on Audience. I have shared it on all my social media sites as well as a Christian Songwriting group my husband and I are a part of. I plan to prayerfully watch them all. I never want to choose between God and being a creative ministdr. It been a difficult tightrope to navigate. Thanks for speaking up. It really helps.
    Carole L Haines

    • Joel Pelsue Reply


      Thank you so much for commenting and sharing our content with your network! We are so encouraged it is a blessing to you.


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