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Catalyst Program

Arts and Entertainment Ministries (AEM) Catalyst Program is designed to equip creatives to take their careers to the next level. Many artists are excellent at their craft but horrible when it comes to their business affairs. In today’s world, artists must also see themselves as entrepreneurs. They need to take the business side of their careers seriously and learn the tools and skills to be successful not overwhelmed. This course helps creatives understand and implement integral entrepreneurial skills such as current marketing strategies, branding, building an audience and much more. AEM is currently offering this course twice per year in Los Angeles/Hollywood. An online course for our global audience is currently underway but not finished yet.

If you would like to sign up for the LA/Hollywood course or be notified as soon as the online course is available email: catalyst@a-e-m.org today.

Course Modules:

  1. Taking Stock & Asset Identification: As an artist or creative professional you have resources already you didn’t realize you had. We discover together how to identify, organize and maximize the many resources we already have.
  2. Adding Value: The work you create is valuable. You create value to the world around you. In this module we wrestle with faulty mindsets that block our ability to market and communicate the worth of our work and how to market it.
  3. Branding/Identity: Who you are as a human and what you offer as an artist are clarified as you either refresh your branding or begin the process of branding for the first time.
  4. Audience: Clear work is done in this module to identify your audience, their needs, likes, dislikes and how to find them.
  5. Pro Bono Work: Most artists do too much for free. When do you offer your services for free? When do you work for free? There are limits and professional guidelines each artist needs to utilize to protect from burnout and being used.
  6. Professional Boundaries: In this module we explore your limits- who you feel comfortable working with, the kinds of work you want to do. Everyone has boundaries and before you continue in your art, it is helpful to define what you will and won’t do and who you will and won’t work for.
  7. Website: Every artist needs a website, a home-base and that is tackled in this module.
  8. Optimizing Social Media: Artists are getting noticed and getting work from social media platforms, it is here creatives learn to optimize their platforms.
  9. Self-Promotion: This topic is often the biggest challenge for a creative, tooting your own horn, so in this module we learn how to do it well, professionally and consistently.
  10. Partnerships: Working with others can be hard and professional partnerships are blessings or curses, in this module we set up ways to have  positive, beneficial and productive partnerships.
  11. Failure: It’s a part of the creative process, do you know how to fail well? We’ll show you how to be productive not derailed by failures but instead to learn and move forward to success.
  12. Launching: It’s time to utilize all the skills and resources you’ve learned throughout the course to launch or re-launch your career.

Enrollment for our Hollywood/Los Angeles Course will begin in June 2019.