Christianity & Creativity: Trinity

Christianity & Creativity: Trinity

Here’s the latest in our video series Christianity & Creativity: Trinity. Creativity flourishes when we understand the mystery of the Trinity.

Not Your Typical Trinity Talk

The Christian doctrine of the Trinity brings forth joy, celebration, and freedom because our God is a generous and relational God. If we understand this doctrine properly, it adds depth and nuance to our creative work. Unique from other religions, Christianity invites us to celebrate the mystery and beauty of our God and our world.

We are not forced to only embrace the physical world as a materialist, nor are we limited to only embracing the spiritual world as a gnostic. Because of the trinity, we are free to embrace both form and function, as well as the harmony found in content and structure – because they demonstrate a lovely resonance with a Triune God- complexity, and plurality within unity.

Watch this video to learn something new about the Trinity and how it can fuel your imagination and creativity:

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2 comments on “Christianity & Creativity: Trinity”

  1. Silvana Tei Kenney Reply

    I love the idea of the Trinity being relational and generous. I will meditate on that as I work. Thank you Joel for sharing with us these thoughts
    I want to listen again.

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