• A&E Institute: Los Angeles

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The Bezalel Principles Lectures:
1) Art and the Revolutionary Nature of Redemption: Discover how artists play an integral role in God’s plan of redemption and cultural transformation. (See video clip below)
2) The Artist’s Identity & Role in Society: Learn where the artist fits in God’s economy and why art is critically important.
3) Idolatry vs. Art: Discern the Biblical view of idolatry and art as opposed to common views held by churches today.
4) Cultural Renewal & The Artist: Discuss the pitfalls which keep Christians from being a redemptive component of society. Examine the lies that must be dispelled and discover what core beliefs must be maintained for Christians to have the kind of impact upon culture that God desires.

The Daniel Strategy Lectures:
1) The Dangerous Life: Discover how to navigate the dangers and excitements of living in a spiritually hostile environment
2) Convictions, Compromises and Caveats: Uncover the Biblical resources for facing temptations, maintaining character and honoring God in your decisions making.

The Freedom Paradigm Lecture:
1) Experiencing Freedom: Understand what authentic freedom requires and how it is maintained creatively, vocationally, and spiritually.

The Audience Factor Lecture:
1) Collateral Damage: Understanding the culture, the consumer and the diverse consequences of creative endeavors.