• Arts & Entertainment Institute


“The AEM Institute was a great experience for me in learning more how to integrate faith and art in a practical way that can add value, purpose, and passion to my work.” J. Gammill, Filmmaker

“I would recommend this highly to any Christian artist. I came away with a renewed sense of purpose for my art, a renewed sense of commitment to my God, and a renewed sense of fellowship with the other artists there. I have felt my faith growing so cold in the last few years, and your conference was truly a life/faith changing experience for me. I also wanted to thank Joel and Michelle so much for sharing their wisdom and insight, into the often confusing world of our art.Thank you both so much!” C. Ramos, Painter

“I agree…this weekend was not only informative, but amazing and nurturing. Thank you Joel and Michelle for the time and wisdom you shared with us.” S. Kenney, Sculptor

“I learned how to be a healthy Christian and artist of excellence. I loved the community and biblically solid approach to awakening my understanding of God’s perspective in the artist and the arts because he was the first one.” I. Asimonye, Recording Artist Manager and Producer

“It has helped provide me with a foundation by which I can “define” what kind of films/docs/TV shows I want to make (subject matter, approach to making it, etc.).” L. Porco, Post Production Supervisor

“What I loved most was the idea of viewing the artist’s contribution to society through the parallels in the lives of Daniel and Bezalel. I also loved the concept of pursuing art intentionally even with the risks of idolatry and the various other dangers that are presented in the artist’s life. I’m surprised that more Christians are not addressing these issues and questions. It really is encouraging to find someone who is pursuing a solid scriptural approach to these questions! I am blessed by the strength of character in the approach to difficult issues and the depth and suitable nature of the teaching.” G. Strout, Graphic Novel Artist

“Any Christian wanting to know more about “being in the world but not of the world” and how to practically identify a Christian worldview in culture – this is for you!” C. Morris, Art & Entertainment Show Director

“I gained so much, don’t know where to begin!” B. Burton, a Professor of Digital Entertainment

“This weekend brought me into some new ways of thinking about art. It was also affirming and freeing. It reminded me in fresh ways that God knew what he was doing when he created us and the way we think as artists!” W. Wolff, Painter