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Alumni Artists

Alumni Artists of the Seven Evening of Arts & Entertainment Art Shows

Below are the many amazing artists who have shown their work in one or more of our Evening of Arts & Entertainment shows. Their bios and contact information are provided for those who would like to purchase their work or hire them!


Cathyarkle1Cathy Arkle: Cathy is a farm girl from Iowa transplanted to Hollywood, CA in 1989.  The inspiration for her creations comes from her  travels across the globe in the last 20 years working as a graphic artist for the major networks (NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX & ESPN).  She has had the privilege of working on the Academy Awards, Super Bowls, as well as the Olympic Games in four countries.  Along the way, she’s collected eight Emmys in the field of Art, Design & Graphics in the Sports & Entertainment field. As a Creative Art Director, Cathy has pioneered the layout of a newspaper publication called Real Life &Times (www.reallifeandtimes.com). As a Cartoonist, she has created and illustrated a children’s book called “Being Grown-Up is Not What I Thought.” Cathy has also traveled to third world countries on adventurous missions trips. Presently she owns a graphic design company and a greeting card business. WWW.thumbprintgroup.com

tombajorasnew2Tom Bajoras: Tom’s oldest memory of any kind is of music. He was only about three years old, and he remembers being in church. Not tall enough to see over the pew, he sat in awe, immersed in the sound of the invisible pipe organ and choir. Then, after his family came home from church, Tom would go to the piano in the living room and figure out the melodies of the hymns. That was the beginning of a musical journey, and also the beginning of a spiritual journey, although Tom didn’t know it at the time. Many years later Tom’s piano solo CD, Offering, includes arrangements of the very same hymns that are his oldest musical memories. In addition to being an accomplished composer, Tom is one of the founders of a successful software company, Art & Logic, which develops custom software for entertainment companies including Disney, Fox, Columbia-Tristar, and others. The company’s honors include an Academy Award for Technical Achievement. Today Tom maintains a full schedule developing new business for Art & Logic, composing and recording in his home studio, and serving at Pacific Crossroads Church and A www.tombajoras.com

matt beansMatt Beans: Matt, a native of Annapolis, MD, graduated from Florida State University in 2005, having produced The Line Starts Here — a Coca- Cola Refreshing Filmmaker Contest Winner.  He arrived in Los Angeles in March of 2006 to jumpstart his writing career.  Now, settled in Koreatown, he works as the assistant to the co-creators of Adult Swim’s Robot Chicken.  His comedy feature script Cold Feet is in development.


clovisblackwell1Clovis Blackwell: Clovis is a graduate of the San Francisco Art Institute. He currently resides in Thousand Oaks, California with his beautiful wife Liisa who is a ninth-grade English teacher. His days are spent in his studio making art and providing individual fine Art instruction. Both regularly attend Westlake Lutheran Christian Fellowship. Clovis’ body of work entitled Vincible started as an exploration of his experiences living with Rheumatoid Arthritis and the crisis of faith which ensued. These experiences have included pain, frustration, incarceration, loss, doubt, despair and more recently, perseverance, hope, faith, thankfulness and joy. Webster’s Dictionary defines vincible as “capable of being overcome or subdued”; the mystery is that for a Christian, this is the goal, the end result. This process has brought me through a refining transformation. I am not suggesting that my struggles have made me a christ, but that through their transformation I am becoming more Christ-like. In The Problem of Pain, C.S. Lewis states, “…suffering is not good in itself. What is good in any painful experience is, for the sufferer, his submission to the will of God.” My goal is to lead my viewers through the experiences of my affliction, inspiring them to see their own personal struggles– whether extraordinary or commonplace-from a new perspective. www.clovisblackwell.com

Photo 14WillheadshotWill Carpenter: Will grew up in Florida playing sports, violin, and constantly making art, even when he was supposed to be doing schoolwork. He studied under Joel Sheesley at Wheaton College for his BA in studio art. He then spent a few months painting in Ecuador, before studying under Walter Darby Bannard at the University of Miami for his MFA in painting. Will is now married, has a daughter, and thoroughly enjoys teaching art as an Assistant Professor at Indiana Wesleyan University. He feels that the intense emotional quality in his paintings is a result of his relationship and constant search for God. As A.W. Tozer put it “To have found God and still to pursue Him is the soul’s paradox of love”. www.willcarpenterart.com


garychan2Gary Chan: Gary graduated from the University of California, Irvine, with a degree in Film Studies in 1997. In lieu of a graduate film program, he enrolled in a production class and learned by doing. He wrote, directed, and produced the 76 minute, $7600 project, Robberies & Romantics. He continued his filmmaking endeavors with the short film phones (Seattle Int’l Film Festival 2001, Hollywood Shorts). Next was his feature film debut, In My Life (Newport International Film Festival 2004, Visual Communications Film Festival 2003, San Diego Asian Film Festival 2003, Vancouver Asian Film Festival 2003). He then explored the digital medium with the short films Superhero Divorce and A Ball and 2 Cents, both of which have played the festival circuit. In addition to his fiction work, he recently co-directed and edited the short documentary Thanksgiving in India (1st Place iOpen Film Festival) and directed and edited church of my Father (3rd Place iOpen Film Festival). He currently spends his time writing and freelancing, most recently editing the feature film Once Fallen starring Brian Presley, Taraji Henson, and Ed Harris. He also won best cinematography for Derek Shimoda’s 25 Min, a film he shot for the 72-hour film shoot out. www.2yuk.com

tomclark2Tom Clark: Tom is a visual artist. That’s equal parts fine artist, illustrator, graphic/stage/environmental designer, and anything that involves manipulating color, form, and space. Tom’s fine art career began when his pastor asked him to bring his paintbrushes and canvas to a service. That initial seed has turned into live art gigs that span the country and world, such as painting at a large arena setting for a Salvation Army national conference in Atlanta to a humble, ramshackle church in the red light district of Tijuana, Mexico, and from a Latin jazz concert with renowned musicians to painting in front of orphan children in the rural town of Sudai, Russia. He also leads art workshops and facilitates collaborative painting events. Tom has done stage and environmental design work for concerts, theater, corporations, and churches. His graphic design work has encompassed promotion and packaging for companies as diverse as Miller Brewing Co. and Promise Keepers and he has illustrated and designed two books; “The
Enlightenment of Job” and “The Journal of Nei.” Tom has a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from California State University of Long Beach and is the husband of one wonderful wife, Theresa, father of two beautiful daughters, Jayne and Eve, and herder of one furry dog, Dodger. Visit Tom’s work at: www.TomClarkStudio.com

Dwayne2Dwayne Cogdill: Dwayne is the principal creative director at Cognition Design in Orange County, California. Since opening for business in 1999, the firm has received more than 35 international design awards. Dwayne’s work has been recognized by Communication Arts, the Evangelical Press Association, How, Print, the Society of Illustrators & the Society of Publication Designers. He lives a full & meaningful life with his wife Melanie & their sons Jack and Harry. He can be reached at dwayne@cognitiondesign.com. www.cognitiondesign.com



JamiaCotten1Jamia Cotten: After growing up in Texas and completing her bachelor’s of Journalism in Public Relations from The University of  Texas, Jamia has enjoyed a successful career in the meeting, planning and trade show industry. Jamia spent her developing years performing ballet and jazz but found her desire to perform had been shelved since graduating high school. Five years ago, her desire to pursue performing again caused her to invest in acting classes. She took classes and workshops for three years before she attempted her first audition which was at a local playhouse in Houston, Texas. She landed the lead role in “The Supporting Cast.” She continued to perform over the next five months in various mediums. The opportunity came quickly for her to move out to Los Angeles with her brother and start two new careers: acting and her own business in trade show management, and she jumped at the chance. God has continuously guided and blessed her path as she learns the business of acting in L.A. and as her business, I’ve Gotcha Covered, continues to grow. She is getting herself work for her business and getting out there among the casting directors.

EPSON scanner imageDave Derus: It was a dark & stormy night in Jan. ‘45 when Dave made his first appearance on Planet Earth. He can’t remember a thing about his childhood until the age of three when he discovered that he & his older sister were being raised by wolves, growing up in Pepper Pike, Ohio. It turns out his family was Catholic. Dave spent 4 years in the U.S. Air Force & about a year out of the service he married the girl of his dreams & settled down to make a living at a job he hated. Two years later he was fired & decided to try his hand at photography. In ’72 he announced to the world he was a photographer.  After partnering with a commercial art studio, he fell into a regular beat of the type of photographs that are used in Cleveland, Ohio: head shots of executives, Santa Claus, trucks, etc. About 7 years later he got bored with the kinds of jobs he was doing…so he tried manufacturing which ended up in a lawsuit. In Jan. ‘87 his wife forced him to move out leaving her & his almost five year old son…Broken hearted he moved to LA to get into the movie business. His career started slow, then tapered off & his fall back occupation turned out to be handyman. But at night before he closes his eyes, he speaks to God reverently but firmly, thanking Him for all He brought him through & the blessings of the day, then he asks Him “When are we going to make a movie?”

melissadisney1Melissa Disney: As an accomplished singer and songwriter, Melissa’s talents have taken her around the world performing in Spain, Greece, Costa Rica and even a jail cell in Fiji. She’s currently performing in southern California on the Borders Books and Music Tour.  Her debut album, Sweet Faith  features the unique blend of her soulful vocals, raw and inspiring lyrics and earthy instrumentals with world renowned musicians Alex Acuna and Abe Laboriel. Melissa is the official singing voice of Disney’s Snow White.  As an actress, Melissa holds 3 Emmy Nominations for her work as Ginger on Nickelodeon’s As Told By Ginger.  You may also hear her on The Simpson’s, co-starring on Max Lucado’s Hermie and Friends movies, as the new radio voice of Ohio’s indie 107, Disney Princess albums and toys, and the soon to be released animated feature, Food Fight! Currently, Melissa is co-starring with Neil Patrick Harris in a new TV pilot for Disney. Melissa performed for over 15,000 people after winning the ACMS Singer-Songwriter competition at the Spirit West Coast music festival in Monterey, CA where she won a spot on the main stage opening for her favorite artist, The David Crowder Band.   She was also honored to write and collaborate with Nashville’s Grammy award winning songwriter, Wayne Kirkpatrick, and recently performed at the Music in the Rockies Festival in Estes Park, CO. Currently, Melissa is in the process of creating a multi-artist compilation album called Songs for Seeds to benefit a village of orphans in Ethiopia.  Visit myspace.com/SongsforSeeds for more info. Visit Melissa at: www.melissadisney.com

kevin dob1Kevin Dobruck: Though born in Little Rock, Arkansas, Kevin Dobruck considers himself a native of Southern California. He was raised in El Segundo and currently makes his home in Torrance, CA. Kevin always had a leaning towards art, but a career in the graphic arts/publishing field happened almost by accident. Known as one of those guys who was constantly doodling on test papers he cared more about ceramics projects than history midterms. On a whim he enrolled in a production art class at a local trade school.   Shortly after graduation Kevin began work at Palos Verdes Publishing in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA. During the next five years he handled photo processing, paste-up and other pre-press responsibilities. When he left employment there, he was production manager responsible for a staff of nine people. In the mid-80’s Kevin joined Copley Los Angeles Newspapers. During his tenure he was responsible for the marketing and promotion of three daily newspapers, the San Pedro News-Pilot, the Santa Monica Outlook, and the largest of the three, the Torrance Daily Breeze. A highlight of his 14 years at Copley LA came when then publisher Tom Wafer, Jr., referred to his “News from Home” marketing campaign as the best overall marketing campaign he had ever been involved with. When “News from Home” finally wrapped it had been in print, on billboards, buses and cable TV for over two years. Currently, Kevin does freelance work through Kevin Dobruck Graphic Design and works for The Salvation Army Western Territory as Art Director for New Frontier Publications. He is responsible for the layout, design and production of a twice-monthly newspaper called New Frontier and a quarterly magazine entitled Caring. Even though he has little formal training in the fine arts, Kevin’s passion for the visual continues to grow. He has created art pieces in watercolor, gouache and more recently acrylic mediums. His paintings range from abstract to impressionistic and reveal his passion to find beauty and God’s fingerprints in all aspects of the world around us. Recently he has taken a strong interest in seeing the visual arts brought back into the church and leads the Visual Arts in Worship project and Artisan’s Guild at Kings Harbor Church in Torrance. Kevin has been married to his wife, Brenda, for 23 years and has three sons. Visit Kevin at http://dobruck.com

Gregemler1Greg Emler: Gregory S. Emler is originally from Columbus, Ohio.  He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts, education degree from Bowling Green State University where met Linda, his wife.  During that time He was a recognized composer by the National Association of Jazz Educators.   While working for the University of Georgia Jazz Studies, Gregory was a selected soloist for the dedication of the Martin Luther King Jr. Freedom Center in Atlanta, Georgia.  While writing and recording music in Atlanta, Gregory was part of a Grammy Award winning Christian Children’s Music album.  He has been a member of the Los Angeles Music Union and the National Association for Recording Arts and Sciences.  For the last eight years Gregory has been Administrator and CFO for In His Presence Church in Woodland Hills, California.  As an assistant pastor Greg also led the praise and worship team, ministered in the psalmist gift as well as being music director for In His Presence Church.  He was in charge of audio production for IHPC’s radio broadcasts and the audio/music for video-tv production.  Currently, Gregory is working with Linda in the Christian Cultural Outreach called GEMinistries.  He is involved with Linda in the founding and administration of GEMinistries  to the praise and for the Glory of God.

tracyfouts1Tracy May Fouts: Sensitive to her surroundings while also energized to explore the unknown with her camera, Tracy believes she is best described as a twenty-two year old female documentary photographer.  Being both a Christian and a photographer, faith is the main inspiration of the photos that she produces.Tracy received a Bachelor of Science degree in photography from Indiana Wesleyan University in 2006.  Currently she is studying at Kendall College of Art and Design working towards a Master of Fine Arts degree in photography.  Tracy prays that even after she finishes her schooling, she will never stop trying to learn the depths of God through her art. http://tracymayphoto.com


johnfox2007John Fox: He received his Master’s Degree from New York University in 2003 and has been back in Los Angeles ever since, trying to thaw. In his spare moments between teaching composition and literature for The Master’s College and Glendale Community College, he writes for the Jack London house of Santa Clarita. He was recently accepted to USC’s Master of Professional Writing Program, where he plans to study creative non-fiction. http://thejohnfox.com/



amber1Amber Fox: Amber was born in 1978 and is a photographer and painter from Los Angeles,
California. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from UCLA, class of 2000 and holds a Single Subject Credential in Art from CSULA. She’s been teaching a Black and White Photography class at La Serna High School for the past three years and has practiced the medium of photography for over ten years, starting her journey in high school. Amber has had various photographs shown in group exhibitions at UCLA, exhibited in two Veritas Forums, where some of her paintings were shown at Laguna Beach Art Gallery, and she’s recently participated in a performance piece at Create Fixate. www.amberfoxphoto.com


Jaygammill2007Jay Gammill: Jay is a recent graduate of the MFA Production program at the USC School of Cinematic Arts. Originally from Shreveport, Louisiana, Jay received his undergraduate degree in Telecommunications from Baylor University, where he is a two-time winner of the Baylor Black Glasses Film Festival for his short films Hermosa and The Red String. Jay’s professional interests range from visual effects and picture editing to screenwriting and directing actors. He recently co-edited the award-winning USC documentary Back to Life and thesis film My Father’s Chinese Wife. He has also edited freelance for E! True Hollywood Story as well as broadcast commercials for MGA Entertainment, Inc. Currently, Jay is gearing up for the festival circuit and beginning fundraising to produce the feature script of AUGUST. www.jgnetdesign.com


IMG_8891Faith Gobeli: Faith was born just outside of Miami on May 17th, 1983 and has spent most of her life in sunny South Florida. She had a lot of family around growing up: grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins and second cousins; so family has always been a salient life experience for her. In school, Faith always enjoyed writing. Some of her most memorable assignments from her early education involved short stories and poetry. In high school as well, Faith thrived most in classes that required writing, especially creative writing. Before her freshman year in high school, she and her mom, dad, and brother moved to Raleigh, North Carolina, where her dad received a new job position. After three years in North Carolina and the divorce of her parents, she and her mom, and brother moved back to South Florida. Faith finished her senior year of high school in Florida and then attended Palm Beach Atlantic University, a private Christian college in the area. During her college career, she maintained her interest in writing, mostly writing for the Big Screen. Faith took a couple of classes in screenwriting and considered changing her major from Philosophy and Religion to Screenwriting but eventually decided against it. In the spring of 2005, Faith graduated from Palm Beach Atlantic with a B.A. in Philosophy and Religion. Directly after college she took a year off from school to decide whether or not to pursue graduate studies. For part of this time, Faith worked in the office of Sonshine Educational Tours, reviewing contracts and processing money. Before the year was over, she applied to graduate school and was accepted to Talbot School of Theology at Biola University, which is located in La Mirada, California (east of Los Angeles). Faith has been at Talbot since the fall of 2006, working on her Master’s Degree in Philosophy of Religion and Ethics. Her time at Talbot has introduced her to all sorts of wonderful blessings: loyal and genuine friends, mentoring from professors, intellectual and spiritual growth, and an affirming community, to name a few. She plans on graduating with her M.A. degree in Philosophy of Religion and Ethics in the spring of 2009, after which she is considering pursuing graduate work in creative writing.

Michaelgreen1Michael Green: Michael’s been a Christian for about eleven years. It’s been a good time and he’s had a great life. He’s lived in Tennessee, Texas, Colorado, Washington and California. And as strange as it seems, he honestly digs Los Angeles, even if he will never be able to afford a house here. His favorite things are rock and roll, and baseball. He hopes there are loud guitars and baseball diamonds in heaven. http://amanlooksat40.wordpress.com


SylviaGreer300Sylvia Greer: Sylvia is a lifelong artist. She is the owner of Sylvia Greer Artworks, based in Los Angeles, and the creator of Artwwworks.com, the Internet art gallery. As a corporate art specialist, she provides artwork for the top companies in Southern California, specializing in paintings, sculpture, limited edition prints, fine art posters, and custom picture framing. As a fine artist, she creates multi-media wall sculptures from her hand-made felt and found objects. As a full time art consultant, Sylvia teaches and speaks at various colleges, adult education programs, and corporate seminars. All media inspire her creations, which include antique textiles, hand-spun yarn, rusted metal she finds on hikes, thread scraps, and more. Sylvia mixes her media with her personal vision as part of the ever-changing Los Angeles art scene, which she experiences first hand as a corporate art specialist and art collector. As an artist, using unspun wool as her inspiration, she felts multi-media wall sculptures — fiber creations designed to intrigue and to provoke thought — a contemporary textile composition of color, pattern, texture, and energy… unique art that has never been created or seen before. Unfortunately, the “textile arts,” have been degraded historically as homemaking arts, regardless of their artistic merits or the skills of the “craftspeople.” Sylvia began as a painter and printmaker, earning a Bachelor’s Degree and working on a Master’s Degree, in three-dimensional design when two dimensional art proved limiting. She “graduated” from oils and acrylics on canvas to collage using her torn-up paintings and handmade paper to create new and different art. The next step was incorporating metal, wood, and even pantyhose into the art to kick it up the artistic ladder into three-dimensional design. Now, it’s full-time felting for Sylvia, using multi-media collage items to contrast with the soft, fuzzy felt texture. Fiber arts are coming into their own in the 21st. century. Sylvia’s goal is to be part of the elevation of textiles, fibers, and fabrics into the realm of fine art.

lukeguidici2Luke Asa Guidici: At age 6 Luke broke his family’s TV. They didn’t get another one. Instead, he played with Transformers, explored the woods, read encyclopedias, built things with LEGOs, and listened to news radio. He learned what was funny not from “Friends,” but from Calvin & Hobbes.After graduating Magna Cum Laude BA/Cinema from SFSU in 2003, Luke moved to Los Angeles where he has worked as an extra, grip, PA, camera operator, AD, producer, editor, falconer, and director. If Luke wasn’t making films he’d be doing something involving snowboarding, cooking or politics. www.lukeasa.com

DSC_2292RJahmal Holland: Jahmal, who performs under the name One Truth, is an up and coming hip hop artist, who has been writing poetry, performing spoken word, and entertaining audiences with rapping and singing as well as acting and comedic roles. This multifaceted emcee released an EP entitled “Overtime” in Year 2007 that showcases his soulful voice, lyrical rap and strong storytelling. Jahmal has co-written songs with other artists in Northern and Southern California and collaborated with top musicians who have worked with notable performers. Featured in thought provoking videos, Jahmal displays a different perspective that crosses cultural ties and genres. His songs are inspired by the reality of life. “Over the last ten years The Lord has brought me through a series of experiences that have shaped my view of Him. The music that I make is a reflection of that.”


tommyh1Tommy Hollenstein: Artist Tommy Hollenstein takes viewers with him on a freedom ride through vibrant color and motion. Using wheels for his paint brush, Hollenstein’s abstract yet accessible style has been compared to Jackson Pollock, liberating the confinement of the canvas through “action painting.”  As did Pollock, Hollenstein creates his paintings from a method working above the canvas, resulting in direct expressions or revelations that exhibit the unconscious moods of the artist.  A native Angelino, Hollenstien is inspired by the Southern California culture in love with its wheels as well as the landscape.   His work portrays a whimsical world of his own invention layering vibrant colors applied by tire treads to create the perception of fluid motion in static space.  His series of paintings offer a wide range of expression and can contain up to 32 layers of form and color.  Art has been Hollenstein’s life passion. In 1985, at 24 years old, he survived a mountain biking accident that left him a quadriplegic.  His canine companion Weaver was the inspiration in finding the road back to his art.  It is a continuing journey that is sometimes melancholy and sometimes jubilant, but always inspirational.  His paintings depict a fluidity of movement with a wide range of color that will appeal to everybody.  His website is www.tommyhollenstein.com.

chrishooper1Chris Hooper: He has been producing and directing documentaries for the last 10 years. Although he has worked in the entertainment industry as a set dresser, storyboard artist, and art director; he became a filmmaker in a rather unorthodox way. Having been involved in missions to many third world countries, Chris intended on moving to India as a long-term missionary, but was subverted by God. As usual, God had a much better plan in mind. Instead, he managed to merge his love & compassion for the poor & unreached of the third world & his innate desire to create. Documentaries became a great way to inspire others to turn their attention toward those that truly suffer and those that have never heard of the redemption of Christ. His recent short film is designed to inform people regarding the overwhelming worldwide problem of sexual slavery, prostitution & trafficking of children; shooting in Africa, Cambodia, Thailand, Mexico & the United States. Much of the film was shot with hidden cameras & is hopefully a prelude to a full length documentary dealing with this subject. Chris also works as an editor for reality TV. He edited most of the first season of discovery channel’s new show “Ultimate Goals,” airing now on Fit TV. He’s currently working on the 2nd season of a Christian reality series designed to inspire young Christians to serve God on the mission field, called “Travel the Road”. This series follows two young missionary adventurers to some of the most dangerous & remote places on earth. Lastly, he is in process of negotiating a deal to write & direct his first low budget theatrical feature film.

Iris Ichishita1Iris Ichishita: A Los Angeles native, Iris Rose Ichishita has traveled the world over only to return to her hometown where she enjoys spending her time making movies possible.  Since 2002, she has produced music videos, commercials, documentaries, and short and feature films.  She is as passionate about her avocations as she is about her career, which is to say she loves being actively involved in acting, yoga, her women’s Bible study, and rock n’ roll music.  Most recently Iris and the independent production company NN Productions completed “Homeless Karaoke,” a short non-fiction film documenting the unique Karaoke Coffee Club outreach program in downtown Los Angeles.  This outreach, led by Tony Stallworth, a former homeless man, seeks to meet the often-overlooked human need for joy and community, rather than the typical “food, shelter and clothing.” “Homeless Karaoke” and films like it are in line with NN Production’s goal to shed new light on the World as we know it. http://www.nothingnewproductions.com/main.html

lynda2008Lynda Jakovich: Lynda has worked for over 15 years as a graphic designer. She is the creative director and principal of cooldogdesign, an award-winning design firm she founded in Santa Monica, California in 1999. A graduate of UCLA, she also teaches design, typography and logo design at Otis College of Art and Design. Additionally, Lynda expresses her creativity through photography and painting. She is a humongous fan of Jane Austen novels.



grad-LA bio 002Kyra Jenkins: Art is a gift from God to be used to bring honor and glory to Him.  This desire along with numerous experiences, a wide spectrum of interests and amazing opportunities provide the foundation for this Texas artist.  By trade Kyra is a history teacher and a coach who brings a lifetime of learning and teaching to her art.  Her passion and a strong sense of calling, has brought her to this point in her life.  A quote from Gene Veith has provided the guiding principle for her work, “Good art demands thinking and reflection.”  With that thought, Kyra has found a renewed sense of purpose in her art.  She has participated in several shows and in presentations which has brought a new dimension to her work.  Kyra, along with her husband Jim and their daughters Jenna and Judith, live in Lubbock, TX.   This family has been blessed beyond measure with incredible friends.  Creativity is encouraged and energized in community, and their community is a true gift from God.  Art is an opportunity to share a glimpse of ones self and what is important to them.  Visit Kyra’s website at www.KyraJenkins.com …and may the art you see here be worthy.

lorenjohnson1 Loren Johnson: Loren is an award winning singer/songwriter. This two-time Los Angeles Music Award winner has placed him before combined live audiences estimated at over 300,000. After Loren earned his MBA he spent the early years of his career working in the business and production side of the music industry-earning credits on over 50 national releases and as an author and co-creator of an acclaimed children’s series. His third and latest CD entitled Wholly, documents his personal journey. “Much as in Psalm 86:11-12, this project represents my desire to walk in truth with an undivided heart, praising God and bringing glory to his name,” Loren explains. He is a founding member of the Hollywood Transformation coalition and sits on the board of the Oasis of Hollywood, an outreach to youth at risk. Loren is on staff as the worship Arts Pastor at King’s Harbor Church in the South Bay of Los Angeles and continues to operate a production company and recording studio in Malaga Cove. He lives in the South Bay of LA with his wife Christine, daughters Timmon and Hannah and son Evan. http://www.lorenjohnson.com

annaheadshotcolorAnna K.: “If you consider the struggle, the temptations, and the testing of our faith, sometimes, most times, we fall flat on our face because we try to achieve life on our own terms. The steps arriving at hopeful are sometimes forgotten or hidden from the outside world.”  Anna K. has made clear her intention to move her listeners along the path from a darkening wood of self absorption to that place where the pillars of understanding and hope stand. She sees the path as a tortuous one that must be acknowledged in her work for “I believe that as an artist who is a Christian I am meant to reflect the sheer honesty of my walk as a believer.” Anna K’s own life journey and her sense of self have always been intertwined with her love of music.  She started playing piano at eight years old and began composing piano pieces at the age of eleven. Anna K. graduated from NYU with a degree in classical vocal performance. Once her first full length CD, “Opus Dei”, debuted it instantly received industry attention. The CD became an impetus to hit the road. She sings at churches, bars and cafes throughout Long Island and New York City and also performed at Six Flags Great Adventure Amusement Park. Anna K’s intense and intimate live performances draw you deeper into her music to the point where you are craving more. Anna K’s latest effort, the newly released CD “We’re Just Getting Started,” is a powerfully honest and poignant story of the struggle to be still, to accept the truths of mercy, grace and hope.  In one of the selections in this work, a world weary but expectant voice entreats God to “flow over me and reign in this life I called mine.” Such a life view allows Anna to revisit the pain and joy of the past, dream of the future, and speak to us all in the present moment of our struggles to find peace. www.annakmusic.com

eddiek1Eddie Kaulukukui: Eddie Kaulukukui is an actor, singer, and songwriter. He currently plays Aladdin in “Aladdin – A Musical Spectacular” at the 2000-seat theater at Disney’s California Adventure, as well as starring in the High School Musical show at the same park. His debut album, “Journey”, is currently topping the sellers list on the music download site digstation.com (download the album at www.digstation.com/eddiekaulukukui)  and will be available on iTunes shortly. Check out his music myspace site at myspace.com/eddiekmusic or follow him on Twitter at twitter.com/eddiekmusic for all the updates.


silvanna2Silvana Tei Kenney: Silvana, born in Marina di Carrara, Italy, lives and works in Los Angeles, CA. After receiving an Elementary School degree from Scuola Magistrare in Pisa, Italy, she relocated to the United States to study languages. She received her AA from Joaquin Delta College in Stockton, California. After raising her family, she then returned to school and earned both a BA and MA from California State University Northridge, with emphasis in sculpture. Since 1997 she has exhibited her work in various galleries, universities, and churches both domestically and internationally. She has created large installations for venues such as the Museo ItaloAmericano in San Francisco, Addie L. Klotz Student Health Center at  CSU Northridge, and the Cappella Medici in Seravezza, Italy. Additionally, she has studied performance art with Rachel Rosenthal and Company in Los Angeles and performed at Dangerous Curve, an alternative art gallery in LA. In 2002 her performance piece “Fragility” won second place in a juried art show at Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur, Georgia. In 2006, she volunteered and participated in the restoration of the medieval town of Victor la Coste, France. Later that same year she was invited to participate in another restoration project where she was asked to create an installation in the cave below the14th century farmhouse Masseria Jesce in Puglia, Italy. Silvana gives credit for her passion and gifts to God, who has blessed her with the above opportunities. www.silvanateikenney.com

Bub Kuns1Bub Kuns: The Veracity Project: Creative Director/Co-Founder Bub graduated from The University of Memphis with a BFA in Theatre/ Communication.  In 1992 he moved to Southern California and began to write and direct dramas and videos for the local church.  Soon after, he became the Media Director for Coast Hills Church where he was among the first to produce short films for the local church and implement them into the weekend services. He has written, directed, produced, edited or acted in over 200 dramas and 400 videos/films that have impacted a worldwide audience.  Bub is currently the Associate Worship Pastor at Coast Hills in Aliso Viejo. www.theveracityproject.com


Larissalam1Larissa Lam: In 2006, the Independent Artist Registry named her one of the top independent artists in the U.S. She’s released three albums independently & her song, Breathing More, landed in the Top 10 of the Radio and Records Rhythmic charts. As a finalist in numerous songwriting competitions, such as the Billboard World Song Contest, Larissa’s songwriting has been repeatedly recognized for it’s excellence. Her latest CD, Revolutionary, was released in the U.S., Canada, Australia and Singapore. Growing up in Diamond Bar, CA, Larissa’s relationship with music began at age five playing the piano and by 13 she wrote her first song.  After graduating from UCLA, she became the CFO for independent label NSOUL Records. One day a gospel/dance group at the label, Nitro Praise, was about to go on tour and was missing a singer. Larissa stepped in to fill the spot and never looked back. As a member of Nitro Praise, she recorded on three albums and toured nationally for three years. In 2001, Larissa released her first solo album “On the Way Up,” followed by a live album Thankful to be Live produced by Tim Schoenhals (Kendall Payne). Her reputation as a hardworking and talented artist has led to recorded studio sessions for clients like Nickelodeon and Disney. Additionally, Larissa has appeared as an actress in film and TV & she can be seen hosting a TV talk show, Top 3 which airs internationally and in the U.S. on cable network JCTV. She’s composed music for The Oprah Winfrey Show & is writing music for Flower Drum Song author, Cy Lee’s, new musical play, Lady of Joy. Her heart to cross & bridge cultures for the Lord through her music comes from the fact Larissa’s parents immigrated to the U.S. from China in the 1960s seeking a better life far from the threat of China’s communism. In today’s global society, Larissa believes that music is a universal language and has unifying power.  Visit Larissa at www.larissalam.com.

sethlarsen1Seth Larsen: Seth is a young writer/filmmaker who has lived in LA for eight years, during which time he has written six feature-length screenplays and a full-length play. He’s written/directed/produced several short films that have played across the country in film festivals such as the Rochester International Film Festival (honorable mention), the Dances With Films Festival in Los Angeles (competitive selection), Humboldt International Film Festival, and the Milwaukee Underground Film Festival. He is currently a DVD Production Supervisor at Warner Brothers.


mlettiericolor2Marianne Lettieri: Marianne grew up on Cape Canaveral during the space race between the USA and USSR where visual juxtapositions such as egrets flying at the rumble of a rocket launch gave her a lasting appreciation for images that are both familiar and strange. After earning a BFA at the University of Florida, she worked as a graphic artist and modern dancer, eventually moving to Silicon Valley to pursue a PR career in the high tech industry. She works full time as a fine artist, sharing a warehouse with other artists on the San Francisco Peninsula. www.marriannelettieri.com


Roddy Mackay Portrait

Roddy Mackay: Scottish Photographer Roddy Mackay first developed an interest in Photography back in 1997 but it wasn’t until he was living in London some five years later that his fascination with the captured image really took off. After his return to Scotland in 2004, Roddy began working in a leading Glasgow Portrait Studio while spending his spare time taking personal images and gaining work experience alongside some of Scotland’s leading press photographers at The Glasgow Herald and Sunday Herald. His later freelance work for some of Scotland’s leading Broadsheet newspapers saw him short listed for the title of Scottish Young Photographer of the year in April 2006. In that same month, Roddy made his first international photography trip to China to work on documenting some of the transformation affecting Beijing ahead of it’s preparation for the 2008 Olympic Games in addition to documenting some of China’s 55 ethnic minority people groups in the south of the country. His images from his projects Building Beijing and Where The Streets Have No Name gained him merit from his college tutors and upon graduating just a few months later, Roddy was presented with the Metropolitan College Principals Prize for Best Performing Student in The School Of Communication and Media. By this point in time Roddy was already working on his first commissioned exhibition project, commissioned by St Mungo’s Museum to document Glasgow’s Growing African and Caribbean community for the 200-year anniversary of the abolition of the transatlantic slave trade. A Glasgow Story opened to the public for a four-month solo exhibition in March 2007 and received positive feedback both from the community and Regional and National Media. The Guardian newspaper listed the exhibition as one of it’s top ten things to see with your weekend. A selection of some of Roddy’s images from A Glasgow Story made up his portfolio entry to the 59th Missouri Photo Workshop where he has now been accepted to study in September of 2007 under a faculty of America’s leading photojournalists and picture editors. Meanwhile Roddy continues to travel on commissions and personal projects worldwide while continuing to shoot Magazine Portraits & Weddings in Scotland. To find out more about his work or to talk through commissioning Roddy for a project, please contact him on: root@roddymackayphotography.com         + 44 (0) 7921 611570

CharlieMatz1Charlie Matz: The Veracity Project: President/Co-Founder Charlie graduated from Hope College with a B.A. in Psychology in 2002. Soon after he graduated from Compass Academy in Grand Rapids Michigan, with a certificate in filmmaking and storytelling. In 2003 Matz moved to Southern California to work with mentor Bub Kuns and together they founded The Veracity Project. In late 2005 Matz produced and directed Pub – a documentary following Christian musicians into the pubs of Ireland as they attempted to implement “pub evangelism.”  That same year he produced The Body of Anna Williams, a high budget short film directed by Bub Kuns. Together Matz and Kuns have produced over 400 videos for the local church. In late 2003 they decided to broaden their audience and began producing shorts for the film festival circuit and the church at large. Many of those projects have been nominated for awards. www.theveracityproject.com

shane2Shane Nearman: Shane Nearman: The inspiration for Shane Nearman’s art and design was birthed through
experiencing God’s creation in locations all over the world.  His work has been exhibited across the United States at New York’s Grand Central Station, Washington D.C.’s Union Station, Chicago’s Union Station and The One Show and Art Directors Club in New York City.  It has also been published in media such as Time Magazine, National Geographic, Los Angeles Times, and featured on CNN, the History Channel and A&E. Shane’s creativity began at the age of five, and at twelve he sold his first piece of artwork to a private collector. His passion was explored in the Fine Arts program at the University of Florida and the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Shane creates art by incorporating conceptual thinking which he received while in Graphic Design, 3-D Design, and Advertising. www.shanenearmanart.com

jeffnew1Jeff Newburg: Jeff grew up in and around Phoenix, Arizona, before attending Northwestern University in Illinois, where he majored in Religion and Fiction Writing.  Upon graduation, he moved to LA to pursue acting, writing, and visual art.  He has lived in Los Angeles for  three years.  He thanks the Lord and his Mom for their unconditional love.



new vale1New Vale: Is Reuben Hernandez on Vocals, Guitar, Erik Schumacher, Piano, Keys, Erik Peterson, Bass, Mike Bjorkman, Drums. We create. We are passionate. We strive to give hope & inspire. We dream. We are relentless. We travel. We love Jesus.  We stay up late. We have succeeded. We have failed. We find solutions. We strive to get better everyday. We have amazing friends. We enjoy meeting new people and learning their stories. We break things and then fix them. We like to learn. We are excited. We are thankful. We play loud. We play from the heart. We bare our souls.   We are Newvale. We hope you will join us on this adventure. New music available at www.myspace.com/newvale & www.purevolume.com/newvale

Jamesokeefe1James O’Keefe: James has been an award winning cinematographer for over 20 years. Since graduating from Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara he’s worked for every major studio and television network in this country as well as the BBC & the Australian TV networks. He’s shot features, movies of the week, commercials, music videos, documentaries & TV pilots as well as hundreds of hours of television programming. His feature film projects include Mike Figgis’ “Time Code”. He’s been Director of Photography on many award winning documentaries, including a national Emmy this year for “No Greater Love”. His most recent accomplishment has been directing a short film entitled “MAX” that’s won best short film in four film festivals and been a finalist in four others in addition to being chosen one of the 2005 International Cinematographers Guild Showcase Award winners. Jim is also an adjunct professor at USC Film School teaching cinematography and a member of the Television Arts and Sciences Academy. He’s married to Dawn Carson O’Keefe, a television & film producer, and together they own Blue Field Productions. They have four fabulous kids and reside in Pasadena, CA.

woodypic1Woody Pak: Woody Pak’s film scores represent many genres.  His dark, deeply psychological music for Sundance award winning Miss Monday displays a keen sense of character development and dramatic power, while his ethereal and mesmerizing score for the powerful documentary Grassroots Rising features the innovative use of electronically altered sounds as the main palette of instrumentation.  Other notable films are Faster, e-Dreams, The Grace Lee Project, Black Picket Fence, The Chinatown Files, In the Tall Grass, Crystal River, and Slaughter Cove.  These films have appeared in numerous film festivals such as the Full-Frame, Visual Communications, The Hawaii International Film Festival, The Brooklyn International Film Festival, and the Pusan International Film Festival.  Woody has two musical theater productions that have enjoyed much success.  Making Tracks, an Asian American themed rock musical, has played to packed audiences on both coasts as well as internationally and Ang Lee’s The Wedding Banquet has also enjoyed voice in the Asian American music world.  Woody has also written and produced for Salonga, Welly Yang, Michael K. Lee, Hoon Lee, Tyley Ross, and Dina Morishita,  As a guitarist, he has performed and recorded with Grammy Award winning violinist Mark O’Connor and chart topping dance diva Ultra Nate.  Woody was born in Berkeley, California and raised in Hawaii.  He received his undergraduate education at MIT and masters from the Julliard School. www.chaostheorymusic.net/

Rachel Pearsey1Rachel Pearsey: Rachel Pearsey’s mixed media oil paintings on used fabric and collage are layered with depth and symbolism which communicate visually. In her work she explores deep spiritual truths and seeks to convey them through images in such a way that they penetrate to the viewer’s heart, thus having a far more profound impact. Her most recent series on the Advent was completed in North Africa and explores the depth of meaning behind God becoming flesh and dwelling among us. Rachel received her Bachelors degree in Art from Biola University in 2001. Since then she continued to exhibit her work in southern California, directed a private art school in which she taught individual and group classes, and for 3 years owned and directed The Julian Gallery in Julian, CA. Rachel lived and worked as an artist in Morocco, North Africa for over a year (until August 2007). She is making plans now to return and live there permanently in order to create her art in that beautiful and inspiring land and culture. www.rachelpearsey.com

katyperkins1Kathryn Perkins: Katy Perkins was born in Decatur, Georgia, and received her BA in Art from Berry College, May of 2007. She is currently living and working in Tucker, GA. The period Katy spent studying art with sculptor Lara Faroqhi in Berlin, Germany in the fall of 2006, proved to be the most pivotal of her undergraduate education. While in Berlin, she worked with ideas regarding the relative importance of the visual appeal of art. Through her work during this time, she strove to release the judgments that she was making regarding the visual appeal of artwork to the action of making itself.  Katy’s working method remained raw and honest preserving simplicity in both materials and process, and the line in her work became free through abstraction and simplicity. By reaching this point of understanding, she then began to bring different materials and manipulation into her work. Since graduating, Katy has been working with various media including text, paper, paint, images, and string; her latest work incorporates the use of layering and color. She is interested in the expressive quality of collage to communicate personal, internal conflict.

Lily1Lily Phan: Lily’s worked for over 10 years with non-profits, specifically faith-based organizations, and as a consultant for 3 years assisting U.S. and foreign organizations in capacity building.  Somewhere in between she took up photography and everything else seemed to fall on the side since…. Lily completed her Certificate in Photography at Santa Monica and started a business 3 years ago as a freelancer.  Currently, she contracts with non-profits as a program developer and fundraiser, and freelances as a photographer. Lily also serves on the board for ACCD (Alliance of Church-based Community Developers), a faith-based network and capacity development organization headquartered in Los Angeles.  She graduated from UC Irvine with a BA in Economics with an emphasis in Business Management and a minor in English Literature. She received her Masters in Urban Planning from Cal Poly Pomona. www.phantasticphotography.com


micahelpitts1Michael Pitts: Michael comes to film making as a second career.  He worked his way through the ranks of video editing firms, establishing himself as both off-line and on-line editing at Crawford Communications, the premier post-production Facility in Atlanta, Georgia.  His editorial work includes Opening Ceremonies for the 1996 Olympics, and spots for several cable channels, including Fox/ABC Family Channel, The Disney Channel, and The WB.   He has also worked for DVD features for New Line Cinema, and various projects for The Fine Living Network.  During this time, he produced and directed a pair of documentaries, which sparked a desire to study film.  After relocating to Los Angeles, he completed his MFA in Film Production from the School of Film and Television at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles in 2003. Two of his student films, “Aubrey” and “Big Orange News” were featured in the 10th International Student Film Festival in Tel Aviv, Israel in June of 2004.  “Aubrey” was a semifinalist in the Angelus Awards, Student film festival in October 2003.  “Big Orange News” played at the Ion Film Festival in Culver City November 2004.

Matt Pope1Matt Pope: Matthew Pope graduated with a masters in film from Florida State University’s highly acclaimed graduate film school in 2005, where he was chosen as one of only six students to write and direct one of the school’s renowned thesis films. While there, he won the Coca-Cola Refreshing Filmmaker’s Award – a prestigious national award open to film students from the nation’s top 13 film schools. His winning film The Line Starts Here was subsequently shown in over 21,000 theaters across the country. Matthew’s thesis film Once Broken has been an official selection at a number of film festivals since its release in 2006, including the Sedona International Film Festival, where it took home the award for Best Student Film. Previously, Matthew worked as a management consultant at Ernst & Young, LLP and Blue Martini Software before founding and running Summerset Productions – an independent video production company. There website:  www.summersetproductions.net

christinaramos2Christina Ramos: Christina Ramos is a classical realist painter from Southern California. Her unique use of the acrylic medium has made her an award-winning artist. Her love of mankind and the human condition has lead her to paint people from every walk of life. Christina’s work has been shown in many galleries across the United States. Some of those galleries include The Bosque Conservatory of Art, Clifton, TX; The Art League at Hilton Head, Hilton Head, SC; International Society of Acrylic Painters, Santa Cruz, CA; and The Governors Mansion, Jefferson City, MS. Christina’s many awards include Best of Show, Women’s Festival of the Arts, Long Beach, CA; Audience Award, Great Christian Art Exhibit, Pasadena, CA; and the Award of Excellence, California State Fair, Sacramento, CA. Christina uses her art to benefit missionaries around the world serving the needs of people in Africa, Romania, New Guinea and other countries. She was also a featured artist in the Circle of Care Benefit, which raises monies for the Grossman Burn Center and Leeza’s House. Her series of African paintings was also featured at The Red Brick Gallery used to benefit AIDS awareness week in Ventura, CA. She is also currently a featured artist in “The Best of California, Artists and Artisans” book series. Christina can be currently seen at The Fremont Gallery in South Pasadena, and the Forum Gallery/El Portal Theater, North Hollywood, CA. www.christinaramos.org

ericcogu2Eric COGu Robinson: Eric COGu Robinson has been making art since he can remember. God woke him up through a car crash in 1995. Eric knew he owed God his life, and he continues to give him thanks and seek to know him more. God gave Eric the most wonderful wife and (so far) two fantastic children.  He earned his MFA in printmaking from Iowa State University, and he desires and seeks to become a professor of art, while challenging the church and the world with more thought-provoking, excellent art.  Since you are probably wondering, COGu stands for “child of God, undeserving”. This is how Eric signs his art; it is a reminder to him of how great is the love the Father has lavished on us (1 John 3:1…).

lakinsa2Lakin Saucedo: Originally from Riverside, California, up and coming artist Lakin Saucedo is bringing a refreshing and new approach to her music. Growing up in an entertainment based household, it seemed destined for Lakin to follow her musical heritage. From a strong spiritual standpoint, Lakin succeeds in not only spreading the love of God, but at the same time singing songs that are uplifting to the soul. In a time where the musical world is seemingly lacking originality, comes a new, young talent with a message other than the overly sexual and violent music that has become far too common in today’s society. Writing, producing, and performing all the music you hear is just one more thing that is sure to take this new artist to the next level. Not wanting to be placed in any musical genre, Lakin draws from many musical artists and is blazing a trail for a new sound. Combining live instrumentation with a stunning four octave vocal range, Lakin’s music at times resembles jazz, R&B, pop, gospel, neo-soul and even a tinge of alternative rock. At the center of its meaning, however, Lakin’s music truly represents a revolution of the heart—singing about themes that go beyond the superficial, and into the deeper human experience of reconciliation of the soul. It is here that Lakin’s distinctiveness shines; where her music will surely penetrate beyond not only just the listener’s ear, but into the listener’s heart. www.myspace.com/lakinsaucedo

stefaniscovolo2Stefani Scovolo: Stefani’s music has been described as fresh, positive, youthful, and fun. She tries to always bring a positive message and genuine sincerity to people through music. Coming from a background of singing since the age of 4, Stefani has always loved music. She started out singing in the church choir, youth band, and during the ceremonies held at her church. Stefani learned at a young age that music would always be a big part of her life. She studied at the High School for Performing Arts and then went on to study Music Business obtaining a BBA degree from Belmont University in Nashville, TN (Mick Curb Music Business School). As a singer and songwriter publishing her own music, she is busy securing placements in film, tv, radio, and ads.  She started her own publishing company under her ASCAP membership back in 1997. Many new things are brewing. Stefani just finished her first CD project titled “Ordinary Day”. She named it this after a song she recently wrote here in California. It expresses her passion for simplicity and nature. Stefani had some songs played on KTLA Channel 5 morning news during the news segment breaks. She has also had songs played on MTV and ABC Family. Stefani is from Texas originally, but has lived in Nashville, New York City, Vienna, Austria, and now Los Angeles to stay! She enjoys bringing in elements of where she has been, where she comes from, and where she is going. www.stefanismusic.com

seriously1Seriously: Is Chris Pham, Vocals/Acoustic Guitar,  Nathan Park, Electric Guitar, Joshua Baek, Bass and Philip Park, Drums. Growing up in Diamond Bar, California, a suburb of Los Angeles, the four rambunctious members of Seriously grew up in the epicenter of a rather international cross-section of cultures. They grew up around pan-Asian businesses and malls juxtaposed against mainstream California malls, listening to Asian pop songs alongside American rock and R&B, not to mention even Britpop-influenced bands like Radiohead and Coldplay. Their songs are all about relationships. In fact, hanging out with these guys for just a few hours easily reveals the level of importance relationships have on the four members’ lives. From girls to parents & even one’s own relationship to oneself, they sing about their struggles in all kinds of relationships. “Our songs are about the desire to belong, to be accepted,” says bassist / songwriter, Joshua Baek. The moments of wisdom and raw honesty peppered throughout their songs is revealing of their youthful sense of idealism and hope. Having met at a local Asian church, the four guys came to form the band Seriously only to compete in the most celebrated Asian American talent show in Los Angeles, Kollaboration. Clearly the crowd favorite & judged as the Best Musical Act by the panel of Asian American celebrity judges, Seriously won the grand prize winning $1,200 & the coveted offer to record a single with producer Woody Pak’s label, Chaos Theory Music.  Just barely out of high school, three of the four members of Seriously are 19 years old; the fourth member just 22. With little to no experience out in the real world, they are now juggling gigs, college (and girlfriends) all at once, not to mention the bassist’s first year as an aeronautical engineer. A friend, Alex Park, was recruited by their label to document their journey into a series of which has been released on youtube, myspace and the label’s website.  Seriously’s producer Woody Pak expresses his hope for the band citing their strong work ethic and grounded personalities, “We really believe that they can be the next Asian American, maybe the first Asian American rock band that really can hit the mainstream.” Visit Seriously at www.myspace.com/seriouslytheband

Karen SchmidtKaren Schmidt: After earning her degree in art and education, Karen Schmidt worked as an elementary school teacher and full-time homemaker. She found many creative outlets through designing and making banners and installation art for various churches. Beginning in 1996, she studied under Russian artist and sculptor Simon Kogan, gaining a foundational knowledge of the classical approach to the human figure. Karen was awarded her first commission, “Maasai Mother and Child,” in 1997 and since that time most of her work has been by commission. Karen has drawn particular inspiration from several trips to East Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe. She has a passion to express her faith through sculpture, and delights in communicating spiritual truth through form, gesture, and symbol. She is a member of the National Sculpture Society, CIVA (Christians in Visual Arts), and Association of Consultants for Liturgical Space(ACLS). Visit her website at: www.karenschmidtsculpture.com


aaronsmith1Aaron Smith: While in high school, experimenting with filmmaking and taking a film class inspired Aaron B. Smith to become a filmmaker.  In 1995, he went off to college to become a teacher and came out on the other side in 1999 with a degree in film studies.  He has been working as a filmmaker since then.  In 2004, Aaron formed Dusk Films, an independent film production company.  Aaron started Dusk Films with a vision for capturing the stories that are often missed by the rest of the world—stories of people and places and ideas that usually go unnoticed.  Under the vision of Dusk Films, Aaron has done work for such clients as Quixtar, International Steward, The Timothy Group, Compass Academy, Officers’ Christian Fellowship, Matt Burnell Creative Media, D.A. Blodgett, and Aware Creative.  His work has brought him around the world to places like Haiti, Zambia, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Spain and Hawaii.  In addition to work for corporate and non-profit clients, Aaron has entered the film market with the production of several short films. In the spring of 2005, Aaron began collaborating with director/writer Rik Swarztwelder. This collaboration proved fruitful, yielding four short films:Michigan Sky, Loaded, Art Appreciation and most recently Bishmalachooga.  These films are making their way onto the festival circuit in 2006 and 2007.  More short films are in the works for 2007.  In addition to his work as a filmmaker, Aaron also teaches film history at Compass Academy in Grand Rapids, Michigan where he is part of the Artist in Residence program.  Aaron serves on the board of directors for the Stewardship Council and on the Compass Academy Alumni board. He is married to Rebecca with whom he loves to travel and dream.

angelasun1Angela Sun: Angela comes from the left-handed camp and has always been involved with arts in every form. She has hosted various television programs including “54321” for FOX SPORTS NET, and most recently the at the LG Action Sports Championships sideline reporting from the skate ramp. An actress, singer, dancer, adrenaline junkie, and soul surfer at heart, Angela tapped into spoken word while working on the film Shackles. Words just seem to flow out and turned into “Spin on Society” which is the first poem Angela’s ever written. I hope it makes you think a little harder…



rikswart1Rik Swartzwelder: Rik is an Emmy Award-winning filmmaker whose work has screened at over 125 film festivals, internationally, and garnered over 45 major awards—including the Crystal Heart Award from the Heartland Film Festival for his multiple award-winning 35mm short, The Least Of These, and the Student Emmy for his highly acclaimed graduate thesis film, Paul McCall. Other honors include two CINE Golden Eagles plus one CINE Special Jury Award, four ITVA-DC Peer Awards, and the Sprint PCS Filmmaker of the Future Award. Rik earned his M.F.A. in Motion Picture Production from The Florida State University Motion Picture Conservatory; and his B.S. from Columbia Union College. A strong supporter of education, Rik served the State of Florida as a member of the Florida Institute for Film Education and as a gubernatorially-appointed member of Florida’s State Board of Community Colleges. He grew up in New Philadelphia, Ohio, and was born in St. Paul, Minnesota. He’s spent many years living in both central Florida & Washington, DC, and is currently in Los Angeles developing several projects for future production.

davetesch1David Tesch: David was born in Los Angeles and raised in San Diego. He went to school at the US Air Force Academy and Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo. There he received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science in 1993. From college, Dave moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in Computer Graphics (Visual Effects and Animation for film and television,) and has worked at production houses and studios such as MetroLight, Walt Disney Feature Animation, and Blue Sky Studios. Major films that Dave’s worked on include Disney’s Dinosaur (2000) and Blue Sky’s & Ice Age (2002). Dave has a strong interest in astronomy and photography (which is why people think he’s always staring at the sky.) Landscape photography in particular has been a growing interest since 1998 and he’s been fortunate enough to travel to five continents and take many thousands of pictures. When he has the means, Dave schedules his vacations to view total solar eclipses that happen on average every eighteen months. (He’s an eclipse junkie now.) Dave was raised as a Christian since birth and grew up in the United Methodist Church.

sharonthomas1Sharon Thomas: Sharon is a singer/songwriter from Northern California. She studied classical voice in high school and college but wanted to write her own material. She studied with a blues guitarist in the San Francisco Bay Area and shortly after she to began to write her own songs. Her songs are developed from a mélange of life experiences, stories, and observations of faith. She is influenced by Patti Griffin, David Wilcox and other soulful folk-inspired artists.



MichaelToay1Michael Toay: Michael began his career in Dallas, Texas, where he wrote and produced segments for sports and corporate television programming for Pro-Serve Television and Westcott Communications.  Since 1996, he has worked for Plus8digital a production camera rental house specializing in High Definition and Digital Cinematography, and has worked on productions such as Miami Vice, Collateral, Star Wars Episode III, Star Trek: Enterprise, E-Ring and Touched By An Angel.  Michael has written several feature screenplays.  In 2005, his original screenplay Godspeed was a semi-finalist in the American Screenwriting Competition.  He has had two other screenplays optioned.  In the spring of 2005, Michael produced a short film for the 168 hour film festival. A Temp For All Seasons won Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Original Score.  He has re-teamed with his 168 writer / director, and joined forces with renowned producer Howard Kazanjian, to produce a feature called Silo 13, a two-time award-winning screenplay set in a missile silo during the Cold War. Michael has also teamed with award-winning director Jim O’Keeffe to develop the TV movie Deep Calling, the true story of a man who fell off his sailboat in waters that kill in less than an hour, and swam nearly four hours to an island where he was rescued.  In summer 2002, he met the Love of His Life, Melanie.  They were married in November, 2003.  They currently reside in Southern California with their cat, Jasper.

droppedImageMelissa Tubbs: Melissa B. Tubbs has been creating finely detailed pen-and-ink drawings of architectural subjects for 16 years. Her works document buildings and their ornamentation in order to preserve them for future generations. She is a firm believer in the proverb “The wise man preserves that which he values and celebrates that which he preserves.” Form, line, and light have more emphasis in black and white, perfect for rendering architectural elements and ornamentation. Melissa is interested in conveying the depth created by the contrast of bright light and cast shadows. The woodcuts of Albrecht Dürer and wood engravings of Barry Moser have influenced her pen-and-ink work. Ms. Tubbs lives and works in Montgomery, AL. Melissa’s father was a pilot in the Air Force and moving every three years exposed her to many interesting places. She has always created art, but it wasn’t until her sister asked her to create a pen-and-ink drawing of her father-in-law’s house for a Christmas present that she discovered her love of architecture as subject matter. While the pen-and-ink medium is self-taught, Melissa has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Design from Auburn University in Auburn, AL and spent 25 years producing magazines. She has been a full-time artist for 11 years.

Her work has been shown throughout the United States. Besides Montgomery, her artwork has been juried into exhibitions in New York City, NY; New Orleans, LA; San Francisco, CA; Hilton Head, SC; Sarasota, FL; Winston-Salem, NC; Alexandria, VA; Bridgeport, CT and Rockville, MD. These exhibitions have led to commissions from organizations such as the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, the Montgomery Area Business Committee for the Arts, and the Will’s Guild/Montgomery Chapter of the American Institute of Architects Tour of Homes as well as many private commissions.

Ms. Tubbs’ accomplishments include: pen-and-ink drawing “Carnegie Hall, NYC” will be published in Strokes of Genius 2: The Best of Drawing Light and Shadow by North Light Books in October 2009; invited to participate in the 5th Annual Evening of Arts and Entertainment, Arts & Entertainment Ministries, Los Angeles, CA, October 3, 2008; two drawings included in the 2008 “The Fine Art of Drawing” Invitational, Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts; 72nd National Midyear Exhibition, 3 drawings, Butler Institute of American Art, Youngstown, OH; National Small Works Exhibition, National Association of Women Artists (NAWA), New York City, NY; two drawings included in the 2007 “Lineal Investigations” drawing exhibition at the Housatonic Museum of Art, Bridgeport, CT; “Manhattan Indian, NYC” one of 25 works selected for “Sense of Place” a 2007 exhibition at the Torpedo Factory Art Center’s Target Gallery in Alexandria, VA; two drawings in the 34th Annual Juried Competition 2007, “Hunt Memorial, NYC,” 3rd Place, at the Masur Museum of Art, Monroe, LA; “Twenty Years: The Montgomery Area Business Committee for the Arts,” Alabama State Council for the Arts Exhibition 2006; “Connecting Alabama,” six artists, Alabama State Council for the Arts Exhibition 2005; first prize and honorable mention for two drawings in the 2005 Selma Art Guild Juried Summer Exhibition; six drawings selected for inclusion in the Montgomery & River Region Sketchbook, a showcase book published March 2005 by Indigo Publishing, Macon, GA; an article featuring her pen-and-ink drawings in the November 2004 issue of American Artist magazine; a solo show, “Sunlight and Shadow,” November 2004-February 2005, Wiregrass Museum of Art, Dothan, AL; “In the Spotlight,” Fall 2004, exhibition at the NAWA Gallery, New York City; February 2004, traveled to Acapulco, Mexico to teach elementary school children art and art history; one of three artists exhibited in “An Absence of Color,” December 2003-January 2004, at Marymount Manhattan College in New York City; received the NAWA Medal of Honor and the Elizabeth Stanton Blake Memorial Award of $1,000 for Work on Paper in the 2003 Annual Exhibition of NAWA in New York City; represented the state of Alabama in creating a three-dimensional architectural ornament of a historical home for the Official White House Christmas Tree for 2001 (the ornament is now in the White House permanent ornament collection); an instructor for the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts and the Arts Council of Montgomery (Artist-In-Residence, 2005); recipient of the prestigious Eben Demarest Trust Grant, an award from Mellon Bank in Pittsburgh, PA in 1999. Ms. Tubbs’ works are currently on display at Stonehenge Gallery in Montgomery.

Weigels2Joshua & Rebekah Weigel: In addition to writing and directing shorts, Joshua’s experience in the film industry has spanned several different arenas over the last 10 years. He’s worked as an Art Director on national commercials, with work including three Super Bowl spots, and as an actor, recently landing a leading role in the feature film, “To Save a Life,” due in theaters nationwide in January of 2010. His wife, Rebekah, joined him in 2007 as his writing and producing partner and together they share the ambition of creating films that have a positive impact on the world. Their joint projects include the futuristic short film “Stained”, winner of 8 awards, including Best Film and Audience Favorite at the 168 Hour Film Festival, “Liv”, which was selected as one of the top ten films in The Doorpost Film Project. In the end of September they won the Doorpost Film Project first place prize of $100,000 for “The Butterfly Circus”, a Great Depression era circus film starring Eduardo Verastegui (Bella), Nick Vujicic  (Life Without Limbs) and Doug Jones (Silver Surfer, Hellboy, Pans Labyrinth). Joshua and Rebekah have been married thirteen years and currently live in Los Angeles with their three children, Judah, Sylas, and Sydney. To find out more about Josh and Rebekah visit The Doorpost website at www.thedoorpost.com/JoshuaWeigel or visit www.stainedthemovie.com

ashleywer2Ashley Werner: Ashley is a recent graduate from Westmont College, where she pursued an art major and art history minor. Ashley feels her education challenged and shaped her to think and be intentional about what it means be an artist, a Christian, and look to the history of those two paths and what their relationship has been and to define what that means in today’s society. Her interest in art began with an art history course in high school. She wanted to try out some of the things she was learning, so she added an extra class period so she could take a photojournalism class. Ashley learned how to use a SLR camera and how to print in the darkroom. She has continued to take advantage of opportunities to pursue photography and chose to focus on that in college. Ashley also  spent a semester abroad in Florence while enrolled at Westmont, and felt the experience provided a huge step in her development as a photographer and printer. It  challenged her to shoot something that did not look like all the other tourist photo’s, but still not miss out on recording her experience. She started paying closer attention to shadows and reflections, looking away from the main subject itself, yet still catching it.

2008 - Bio photo DKWDenise Weyhrich: As a fine artist, Denise works in all medias for the media choice and form are intrinsic to the each artwork. The conceptual installations represent visual metaphors that exhibit Biblical truths and personal spiritual testimonies. Denise’s desire is to create conversations and encouragement.  These artworks include assemblage, found objects as visual metaphors, ceramic installations, photography, mixed media and video. The “Portraits of Faith” series are a collective body of work that record the memorials and testimonies found on grave markers throughout the United States of America and extensive work in Great Britain, where more ancient cultures can be recorded. Direct molds are made on the site and remain authentic to the memorial, in both word and image. These works include ceramic sculptures, installations, works on paper, photography, emboss images, rubbings and letterpress. By bring to life testimonies of the past, yet presenting them in contemporary art forms; these “Portraits of faith” create discourse about our futures. Denise’s professional history includes working as a professional graphic designer and artist since 1979 as D. Kufus Design. She has taught art and graphic design for 23 years. As the founding program chair and professor of Graphic Design for 12 years at Chapman University, 6 years at CSULB, and as visiting professor at other universities. As professor she instructed in all medias, constantly was creating new exhibits, founding new programs, lecture series, events and receiving grants and awards to continue her artwork too. Her most recent honor is that two of her graduate students published a book based on her teaching methods. Denise remains as a guest lecturer and juror for other institutions.  Denise founded SEEDS Fine Art Exhibits with Cindi Rhodes. Together as co-curators of the SEEDS, this grass roots ministry has become a leading non-profit fine arts service that provides traveling conceptual exhibits for artist worldwide. SEEDS offers exhibits free of charge to all and provides exhibits to universities, conferences, churches and communities. Most recently SEEDS was the featured exhibit for the 2007 Cornerstone Festival, Chicago area, and featured for the Nebraska State Synod at Midland Lutheran College. Weyhrich & Rhodes recently completed their two year curatorial project of selecting and acquiring three permanent art collections for Concordia University, California, Grimm Hall. Having spent her life founding new ministries and programs, providing support systems for artists has been her greatest joy. www.deniseweyhrich.com

Susanisaacswilson1Susan Isaacs-Wilson: Susan was born in Hollywood, California, in what is now the Blue Scientology building. Not the chi chi Celebrity Center, but a prison-like facility where the underlings come out at noon to do tai chi on the lawn. But it was a hospital before, which is how she came to be there. Susan has many acting credits in TV, film, radio, and stage. She was a member of The Groundlings comedy troupe, and earned her MFA in screenwriting from USC. Susan has read her essays for Weekend America radio, and published on Fresh Yarn, Infuze, and Donald Miller’s Burnside Writers Collective. She does script consulting and teaches screenwriting for Act One. Susan has written the DirecTV specials, Songs of Praise. This past year she acted in the mockumentary Change Your Life, satirizing the multilevel marketing industry. This fall she will be working with author Donald Miller on a TV pilot script about Portland’s famed bookstore, Powells. Susan signed a book deal with Warner Books to adapt her solo show into a memoir: Angry Conversations with God: Whining Through My Middle-Class White-Girl’s Dark Night Of The Soul. Visit Susan at www.susanisaacs.net

wendywolff2Wendy Widell Wolff: The imagination and the creative impulse are evidence of being created in His image. It is Wendy’s observation that this is why drawing, painting, and the arts in general are so satisfying. Hopefully, even a simple drawing can be a joyful act, inspiring others to explore and discover something new. Wendy received her BFA from Otis Art Institute and her MFA from Cal Arts.  This experience dropped her off at the doorstep of the art world where she worked and exhibited for some years. She set it down to raise three children. During these child-rearing years she never stopped thinking about art making. Five years ago her husband built her a studio so she could continue where she left off. Going back with new a perspective, especially spiritually, has been a source of new energy for her. She considers it an amazing privilege to be a part of this event!   www.wendywidellwolff@mac.com

chriswr2Christopher Wray: Christopher is a guitarist, vocalist and songwriter that has uniquely blended Jazz with a dash of urban soul, creating a sound that is melodically hypnotic. His demographic is far reaching. From black to white and old to young, music fans are embracing Christopher’s musical creations. Wray states, “By studying artists like Miles Davis, A Tribe Called Quest, and other artists that I feel were ahead of their time, I’ve been inspired to create my own music that touches on something old and new… a kind of vintage freshness if you will.” His musical vision has moved him from Oklahoma to Los Angeles where he currently resides. “My father taught me very young in life that who I surround myself with would be one of the most important ongoing decisions I would make for the rest of my life. That’s why I wanted Chris Bell to be a part of my debut album, “The Way Up”.” Bell is a Grammy nominated engineer who has worked with the likes of Erykah Badu, Kirk Franklin, The Roots, Destiny’s Child and many other successful recording artists. Christopher’s debut album, “The Way Up”, caught the ear of The Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame CEO Chuck Cissel. In June 2006 The Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame honored the Christopher Wray Quartet by presenting them with the “Legacy Tribute Award”, a prestigious award that pays tribute to an up and coming outstanding jazz artist(s). Past recipients include Wayman Tisdale, Grady Nichols, Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey and Eldredge Jackson. “I have a deep conviction that when music is approached with passion and honesty, people will respond. I have been incredibly blessed to work with such amazing people and to have the opportunities I have had thus far. I look forward to what the future has in store for me and my music.” Christopher is currently writing and recording for other artists as well as his new album that is due in 2009. www.christopherwraymusic.com

tracyyeoh1Tracy Yeoh: Tracy lives and works in Pasadena with her one-year old daughter, Mira, and her husband, Terence.  When she is not working, her days are filled with the joys of watching her daughter grow and learning how to laugh, play, and sing all day long. Tracy began making art in high school as a hobby during her free time.  However, the realization that she was an artist was a journey that began when she was accepted to the  MFA program at Claremont Graduate University.  “It was there that I was able to explore with my hands, integrating natural or found elements with paint on canvas.  Little did I know that this mode of working would continue later on in my career.  I also did wind, water, and earth installations, digging in the ground, hanging fabric from rooftops, and sculpting slabs of clay.  It gave me space to explore and to follow my intuition.” After Claremont, Tracy continued working with her hands, digging and planting, pruning and weeding in the Virginia Robinson Gardens Estate, as well as, teaching for several years at the Pacific Oaks Children’s School in Pasadena. “Nature continues to provide the source material for my work.  As I move forward, it is a wonder to see how my work and my life with God is so integrated.  They are inseparable.  I am thankful for the opportunity God has given me to make art, to be a mother, and to be a blessing as He has made me.” Tracy continues to see how art is another venue through which God speaks to her and is a process that reflects the transformation taking place within the artist herself. Visit her website at: www.organicfineart.com

SunhaYoonHeadshotSunha Yoon: Sunha is a character and motion graphic animator.  She graduated from Cal Arts in 2008 with a BFA degree in Character Animation. Her interest in art and science began at home in her early age.  Sunha used to draw and paint with her mom and discuss science projects with her dad. Early exposure to art and science lead her to further study in biology and, finally, study in films majoring in Animation at Cal Arts.  Since she started learning art of films, she’s been exploring the world of animation, motion graphics and visual development.