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Arts and Entertainment Ministries (AEM) was founded in 2004 in order to bring clarity into the strategic arenas of faith, creativity and culture. AEM provides education, resources and dialogue for those wrestling through the issues of integrating faith and art. This exciting journey of the intersection of worldviews, faith and art not only include the artists and creative professionals on the cutting edge but educators such as college professors and clergy who minister and pastor artists as well.

There are many questions and challenges artists and creative professionals need to tackle:

How does an artist wrestle through the challenge of authentically depicting evil, justice, sexuality, and redemption?

What principles should guide an artist in the pursuit of ‘truth-telling’ in such a way that it does not simply become something salacious or gratuitous?

What keeps an artist from the opposite foolishness of creating sentimental art that never truly grapples with the realities of injustice in this world?

Through art and media artists depict their view of the world, presenting ideas and values through a powerfully persuasive medium.

Do artists care about the audience and the effect of their art on the world? Are the artists themselves simply interested in expressing something or enjoying the creative process? Are they aware of the power they possess as they are communicating through their work?

Why AEM?

AEM brings understanding and clarity to these issues. Where there has been an absence of resources for artists who take their faith seriously, now artists are coming to AEM to find practical principles and examples of how they can embrace their faith without compromising their art. They can embrace their art without compromising their faith.

AEM is sought after by professors, teachers and pastors to deliver lectures and provide resources that equip them for training Christians to embrace their faith as they engage the culture around them. Christ did not die for us to retreat from culture, nor to sit on the sidelines as we condemn it, but to be a redemptive force within culture (John 3:17) as we become living metaphors of salt and light( Matt 5:13-16).

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