The Artist’s Identity Series: Chasing Success The Hidden Dangers

The Artist’s Identity Series: Chasing Success, The Hidden Dangers

We all want success. We want our hard work and creativity to be noticed and celebrated.
And there is nothing wrong with that. Success is a good thing.
But sometimes the way we pursue a good thing can eventually lead to frustration and temptation.
The road to success has not only obstacles, but also potholes, and even cliffs we can go flying off if we are not wise in how we pursue our creative calling. Join us as we think through the challenges in seeking success, and the biblical principles to keep your long-term career healthy and on track.



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2 comments on “The Artist’s Identity Series: Chasing Success The Hidden Dangers”

  1. Leonardo Ramirez Reply

    I like the Passion translation of Psalm 135:17 – “Their lifeless and futile works cannot bring life to them!” I’m not suggesting despising success but as you mentioned, keeping this basic, reconnecting with our Creator and not placing our identity in our works. Great reminder Joel. Thanks as always! Pray that we as creatives, create from a place of our identity in Him and His rest – not from a place of striving.

    • Joel Pelsue Reply

      That is an interesting translation. The context is clearly speaking of idols, but we can turn anything into an idol and worship it.
      You are right, it is all about our identity in Christ.

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