The Artist’s Identity Series: The Seduction of Self Expression

The Artist’s Identity Series: The Seduction of Self Expression

Today’s culture places tremendous emphasis on individuality and self-expression. Whether it is your ethnic heritage, your sexuality or your personal uniqueness, self-expression is encouraged, promoted and celebrated in nearly every sector of our culture.

The implied promise is that if you just express yourself purely, you will be free, happy, and alive. But this isn’t true because this ignores the way God designed us.

There is a place for self-expression, but there is so much more to life and to art. The truth is that God gave you the desire to express yourself, but if you only focus on self-expression, the results will not be what your heart desires.

Join us, watch the video, and share your comments….on the self-expression obsession in the art world today.



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2 comments on “The Artist’s Identity Series: The Seduction of Self Expression”

  1. Carol Nordman Reply

    Great thoughts about putting self-expression in the larger context! I think of the movie, “Joe Verses the Volcano” with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. Tom asks Meg, “Do you believe in God?” She replies, “I believe in myself.” Tom says, “I have no interest in myself.” Meg loses her boat in a storm. Tom gives his life away by jumping in a volcano for others and is ultimately saved. Focus on self results in loss and focus on God and others results in life. One is a shrinking experience, the other expanding. CS Lewis expresses this in his book, The Great Divorce.”They’re nasty people, they don’t like each other, and they’re consumed with self. And yet, when you widen the lens, you see that the millions of miles of grey town is actually just a crack in heaven’s sidewalk.”

    • Joel Pelsue Reply


      Thank you for taking time to comment.

      That’s a great reference. I haven’t seen Joe vs The Volcano in so long, but I may have to revisit it.
      And what a great C.S. Lewis quote!

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