One Book Every Artist Needs to Read The War of Art

One Book Every Artist Needs to Read: The War of Art

If you want short and sweet, real-world answers to what’s holding you back as a creative,
you need to watch this video, and learn about this book by Steven Pressfield.
I’ve given this book away so many times I’ve lost count.



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3 comments on “One Book Every Artist Needs to Read The War of Art”

  1. Leonardo Ramirez Reply

    I always take it seriously when someone recommends a book to me more than once in a short amount of time – second time in a month I’ve heard about this book. I do agree that there is a higher calling beyond the art – to me that is to know the true nature of who God is and then be the voice for that in the art. It’s almost like trying to define who God really is to a world that has grossly misinterpreted Him and defined Him as something He is not. He is faithful when we don’t feel like He is and above all, He is good. He means well for us and our hearts and He wants to see us mended and made whole. Good words as always Joel. Thanks for being that light in the darkness.

    • Joel Pelsue Reply


      I am the same way. If I keep hearing people I respect recommending a book, I buy it or at least put it on my list.
      I think you describe the struggle well, brother, and thank you for the kinds words!’

  2. Patreece Reply

    I think procrastination, fear, personal/family distractions and social media definitely create roadblocks.

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