Faith and Work Basics for Artists

Faith and Work Basics for Artists

Great opportunities and great challenges: That is what creative people who work in the mainstream art world, media, or the entertainment industry will always encounter. If you want to be salt and light you need to think through how your faith intersects, informs, and fuels your creative endeavors. The choices will rarely be simple or obvious. But there are tools and frameworks that can help you. Here we give you one of those perspectives about how you interact with your colleagues, your critics and your customers (fans, patrons, etc.).  



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4 comments on “Faith and Work Basics for Artists”

  1. Kenneth Johnson II (KJ) Reply

    Definitely interested in being around or in chats with other believers. I’m a writer and looking to do screenwriting. My dream is to write Christian Thriller novels and scripts…time to get some non-cheesy stuff out there that’s completely wholesome and worth reading and watching. At any rate, a friend of mine heard about this group and noted it to me. Look forward to any interactions.

    • Joel Pelsue Reply


      Thank you for taking a moment to comment.
      just sign up for our enewsletter, and you’ll get the info.for participating in our online forums, and other opportunities to connect.

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