What Does the Beauty of the Cross Have to Do With Art?

What is beautiful about the cross, is not the physicality, the design, or the aesthetic. It isn’t the method by which Christ was killed which we focus on here. What is beautiful, is the love-compelled desire of Christ to sacrifice his own life, willingly, for you and me. Sacrificial love satisfies the soul in a much deeper way than the way a sunset satisfies our hearts at the end of the day. So watch the video to discover how the beauty of the cross shapes your creativity!



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2 comments on “What Does the Beauty of the Cross Have to Do With Art?”

  1. Wendy Widell Wolff Reply

    Thank you Joel for so beautifully capturing the beauty of the cross. It is miraculous,
    as you said, that a devise used for torture and pain could come to symbolize the purity
    of the greatest beauty we could ever imagine. Furthermore, the greatest joy we could
    ever experience was birthed out of this same cross. This truth changes our lives. And we
    have the great blessing of carrying this revelation into the “between the lines” of our art

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