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4 Principles to Give you Clarity and Confidence in Your Calling as an Artist of Faith:

  • 1: Clear the Confusion: Get Beyond the Fallacies & Obstacles Clouding Your Calling
  • 2: Establish Your Identity: Anchor Your Calling in God's Word
  • 3: Discover Your Unique Calling: Find Your Unique Voice & Unique Design
  • 4: Mastering Your Journey: Learn How to Navigate Each Season of Life

About Your Presenter

Joel has been pastoring and mentoring artists and creative professionals for over 27 years. In all those years, Joel has counseled countless artists, filmmakers and creative professionals about their calling to be an artist. Joel has taught veteran artists: Oscar, Grammy, Emmy, and BAFTA award winners as well as emerging artists and gamers. Joel is passionate about giving people practical, biblical principles to equip them in their artistic endeavors.

Rev. Joel Pelsue CEO/ Co-Founder Arts & Entertainment Ministries

What Artists & Creative Professionals say about The Artist's Calling Online Course:

"No matter how long you've been a working artist, there are times when you need to sit back and hit refresh. That's what The Artist's Calling Course will do--re-energize you. Whether it's something you need to hear again, hear in a new way or hear for the first time, Joel's class is packed with information to help you along God's creative path."

-Melissa B. Tubbs, Visual Artist

"I’m on my fourth module and already feel my work as a filmmaker and teacher has a renewed sense of purpose and direction. Clearly presented and insightful, every Christian artist needs to sign up and take this course. "

- Steven Holloway, Filmmaker

"Taking Pastor Pelsue's The Artist's Calling Course helped me gain clarity in the purposes that the Lord of Lords has for my life and helped me break free from unfounded and un-scriptural guilt that I had obtained from the status-quo comments that many in the arts hear from fellow Christians, pastors, and leaders.  I highly recommend Pastor Joel Pelsue's The Artist's Calling Course."

-Serena Rose, Artist