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Thanksgiving Prayer for Artists

Thanksgiving Prayer for Artists

Gratitude is good for the soul.

Why? Because it is how we were designed. Today, mentors and coaches recommend keeping gratitude journals, as if it is some new idea. But, it is not new. It is an ancient idea, modeled for us over the centuries and millennia. The writers of Scripture showed us, It is always good for us to praise God and give Him thanks. Whether it is a holiday, a “holy day,” or an “ordinary day.” So whether you are celebrating Thanksgiving as a holiday this week as we are in the U.S., or whether it is an ordinary day where you live, it is always good to take time to be thankful. So we invite you to join us sometime this week, by taking time to be quiet in prayer, and to be thankful to God for all His blessings. Use this prayer as a guide, to meditate upon the nature of the trinity and all the ways in which God has blessed each of us.

Here are some prayers for you to use:

Dear Father,

Thank you for the gifts you have given me.
Thank you for giving me creativity, to echo your character.
Thank you for giving me passion and a longing for heaven.
Thank you for being dependable, powerful, and yet full of grace towards me.
Thank you for my imagination and my intuition.
Thank you for my sense of touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing.
Thank you for the beauty of creation and brothers and sisters of so many colors and cultures.
Thank you that you are the same yesterday, today, and forever.

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for speaking in parables,
Thank you for painting pictures with words,
and creating profound characters to show us our hearts.
Thank you for your love.
Thank you that your love is unending, forever pursuing, perfectly sacrificial.
Thank you that you died for my sins, in particular.
Thank you for the eloquence and love you expressed in your words.
Thank you for the grace and holiness that poured through your very life.
Thank you for treating each unique person uniquely.
Thank you for being not only a priest, a king, and a prophet, but also a poet, and the Lord of the dance.
Thank you for offering us a new life, and a new hope of life with you.

Dear Holy Spirit,

Thank you that you are still working in our hearts today.
Thank you that you inspire us through creation,
through the word of God and through your voice.
Thank you that you inspire us to honor God with not only our words,
and our lives, but through our art.
Thank you that you comfort us in sorrow.
Thank you that you confront us in our hard-hearted pridefulness.
Thank you that you convicted us of our sin, transformed our hearts, and enabled us to love the one true, triune God.
Thank you that you are like a fresh wind, and a fresh fire that goes where it desires, and cannot be stopped by men.

Dear Triune, Holy, Just, and Beautiful God,
We lift up our hearts to you.
We lift up our talents to you.
We lift up our careers to you.
We lift up our families to you.
We lift up our very selves to you.

Use our gifts for your glory. Amen


Let us know in the comments how you are giving thanks to our Lord for the all the good things he has done for you!

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