The Anti-hero and the Gospel

The Anti-Hero and the Gospel

Anti-heroes abound in all types of literature, TV and Film in our present culture. This tells us something profound about our culture. But how does this connect with the gospel? The truth is both traditional heroes and anti-heroes emanate from Biblical models and storytelling.

When the hero saves the day by doing what is right, we are inspired to do what is right, to protect the weak, care for orphans and widows, and seek justice. We love these characters because life can wear us down, and these stories give us hope. Like Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt, like Joshua marching around Jericho, or David slaying Goliath.

On the other hand, When the anti-hero saves the day it is usually through some act of God or providential corrective that gives us hope that God can use broken people, like you and me. After all, God used broken and fallen people in the bible. From a swindler like Jacob, and a fearful leader like Moses, to an adulterer like David. God didn’t give up on them, and He doesn’t give up on us.

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2 comments on “The Anti-hero and the Gospel”

  1. Leonardo Ramirez Reply

    This vlog resonates with those of us who are superhero and cinema geeks! Love it! And you’re right, Joel. There are great examples of flawed heroes in the Word. Thank you for bringing these to light. A great example of an anti-hero who teeters on the evil side is Black Adam – one who kills without remorse.

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