Creative Freedom in Christ

Creative Freedom in Christ

Your freedom in Christ is the fuel God intended to fire up your creativity, and your creative freedom. Why? Because Jesus did not come to save us only from our sins, but also to breathe into us new life, new hope, and a new sense of purpose. He came not only to take away our guilt and shame, but also to refresh our souls. And that refreshment is the inspiration for your life and your art.
But we can we recover that sense of freedom once it has been lost, and learn how to foster this kind of freedom.
To do this, We need to go back to the basic idea of, the Audience of One.
Join us to understand the benefit of this approach, for your heart and your art.


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2 comments on “Creative Freedom in Christ”

  1. Silvana Tei Kenney Reply

    Thank you Joel for this encouraging sharing about God’s love and His transforming power and freedom in Him. It is true that to embrace the reality of His love is a journey. When I sit at His feet honoring Him or cry for His help, I know He hears and He is present. I continue to pray that whether I sculpt or teach children the Bible I may please Him, and trust He is guiding. Love ❤️

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