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Category Archives: Blog

10 Commandments for Artists 3rd Commandment

3rd Commandment for Artists

As we continue on in our series on the 10 Commandments for Artists we discover some amazing implications for art in the third commandment. What does it mean for artists and creatives to honor and revere the name of the Lord? One surprising implication: Don’t make kitsch about God. Listen to this video to get […]

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2nd Commandment for Artists

The second commandment is often misunderstood by protestants ever since The Reformation in the 1500s. Some see it as a commandment forbidding art in a sacred context. But this understanding simply doesn’t make sense in light of the rest of the book of Exodus. Watch this video to get a better understanding of this commandment […]

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1st Commandment for Artists

The first commandment is all about worship, but worship is more than what we do on Sunday mornings. Worship is about how we live all of life, including everything from creating art to teaching our children. Watch this video to get a better understanding of this commandment and how it speaks to the “why” in […]

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What We Do

Today we are sharing a little bit about what we do here at AEM. We encourage you to get involved and if you haven’t attended the Arts & Entertainment Institute that’s a great place to start!

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AEM: Our Story

Welcome to our new AEM blog! We hope this is a place where you will find resources, both creatively and spiritually. AEM is committed to bringing you thoughtful articles, stories, videos and more that will encourage you in your faith as well as your creative process. This first video shares about AEM our story. Enjoy […]

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