Why Artists Shouldn’t Wait to Be Discovered

Why Artists Shouldn’t Wait to be Discovered

Stop waiting, and stop looking for someone else to promote you, discover you or to give you that big break you’re looking for.
That mentality alone will hold you back.
It’s not wise. It’s not practical. And it’s not even biblical.
So let’s stop waiting and start creating opportunities for your creative career.


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5 comments on “Why Artists Shouldn’t Wait to Be Discovered”

  1. Leonardo Ramirez Reply

    Love it. God’s got the best ideas so it’s always good to seek Him as to what we can do that is innovative. As always, a great post. Thanks for all you do, Joel!

  2. Wendy Widell Wolff Reply

    You are always practical and wise Joel and Michelle! There are ups and downs I am finding in a painting career.
    Tell me how do we work with our strengths and not hide under a rock with our weaknesses?
    We all have both. This is an attitude/ confidence thing I realize.
    I struggle to make my strengths the main thing. I can do it in the painting. In fact that is a strength of mine.
    However, on a networking level I find it challenging to be fearless.

    • Joel Pelsue Reply


      This is the mystery of the Christian life. Christ meets us in our weakness. I wish I had perfected living this way, but growth is still needed. Our weakness should lead us to Christ, and then as we realize He has given us everything we need…we can take risks and move out in faith. The most helpful part is to remember that our identity is in His love for us, not the success of the project, or the approval of others. If we get that right, it takes the load off of, and we can experience more freedom in Christ.

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