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Discover 3 Career Transforming Tools:

  • How to Establish your Creative Career: Discover the system to getting your career on track, with significant measurables to catapult you to the next level. 
  • How to Clarify your Creative Focus: Once you've built the framework for success, you'll clarify your creative focus to free yourself from distractions, grow artistically and thrive in the business of art.
  • How to Attract Audiences: Focus on how you attract the right patrons, clients, and audience so you can flourish artistically and financially.

About Your Presenter

Michelle Pelsue has been teaching artists and creative professionals for almost 30 years. In the last several years she has focused on teaching creatives how to thrive in the business aspects of art making and the business side to show business. Michelle has now taken all the experience and research from almost 30 years of mentoring, teaching and one on one application of care for professional visual and performing artists, filmmakers, game designers and creative professionals in New York and Los Angeles and turned it into a unique, life changing holistic approach to taking your career to the next level.

What Artists and Creative Professionals have to say about Catalyst:

“Michelle is by far the best facilitator that I have worked with for self development and also for my business needs. She is a powerhouse with a unique ability to love you as she hands you a superb level of organization and transparency. She has mastered the ability to create a full proof lesson plan equipped with articles, links and modules. Michelle’s amazing coaching style is gripping and admirable as she navigates you through the best practices of your career and business.” 

Andrea Walker-Williamson, Author & Creative Entrepreneur

“Michelle is The "catalyst" at Arts & Entertainment Ministries. She is helping me optimize my assets and audience and is challenging me toward new ways to grow my art business. It needed an energetic shove into the next decade. She is a helpful encourager who graciously answers my questions. AND best of all she prays for me!

Thank you, Michelle, for inspiring me and getting me focused!”

Grace Carol Bomer, Fine Artist

“The Catalyst Program for artists has literally changed my life. The way I understood it before beginning it, the course was created as a way to help artists get to the next level as business people – but I have to say, I don’t think I had a clue as to how useful, important and valuable the course would be for me in particular. I started with a vague idea that I needed to get my “ducks in a row” – but Michelle Pelsue is an extraordinary teacher and resource whose experience, knowledge and wisdom I did not fully comprehend until I was immersed in this program. Her commitment to the material and to helping each participant find their connections to it was amazing.  

In the time that I have been in this course, I have explored many aspects of my artistic career that previously felt overwhelming and out of reach – but Michelle’s systematic and thorough format of teaching, exploration (and homework!), brought the material into bite sized chunks that felt natural and doable – even while there were challenges. With Michelle’s mentorship and also the friendships with colleagues in the Catalyst group – I have been able to get myself ready for an entirely new chapter of my career. A few months into the program, I was starting to feel prepared, more confident about what I was putting out in the world and I knew my mission and goals. My artist friends began to ask me, “how do I get what you are getting from your artists’ group?” They noticed the change in my professionalism. And then when changes started happening speeding up my career – I found I was ready for them! I had a marketing plan, a better understanding of the value of my art and I could speak to my artistic vision clearly. I knew what I wanted and I had a website to prove it. None of this would have happened without this course.  

As an added note – being able to have a spiritual component to this group and course is something that cannot be quantified. Arts and Entertainment Ministries already offers a wealth of blessing, community and ministry for artists of all kinds, but to get into this level of depth with someone who can pastor you in your career as a creative…. that’s incredibly rare to find and has been the utmost value for me as I move forward boldly, knowing that I am called to this life as an artist.” 

Liberty Worth, Fine Artist & Textile Designer

"I have passed up the many Business of Art coaches online, each promising (by their special knowledge, for a hefty fee!) to make me a $100k/year art-selling juggernaut. Until I saw a Facebook post from Arts and Entertainment Ministries that had a significant difference. AEM begins in scripture and with prayer to assist artists through the Catalyst Program to be who they were always meant to be. After some background searching, and with a realistic cost that I could handle, I decided to trust that there would truly be a difference. I am so glad I did! Michelle led our cohort on a personal search and discovery through the weeks of the course, and we gained real confidence in our abilities. In this step-by-step program – which is by no means easy fluff – I have assembled good tools that expand my art-making into a business practice that will be both personally fulfilling and financially successful. Firm, yet non-judgmental, I know Michelle is committed to seeing each participant become the best creative that God intended them to be."

Daniel Hendricksen, Painter

"The Catalyst course is ideal for any artist who wants to take their creative career to the next level in a thorough and meaningful way.  The faith component is especially unique and encouraging.  Michelle is a very hands on teacher who generously shares her knowledge and expertise with her students.  She is approachable, nurturing, and wise.  I wholeheartedly recommend this course."

Tori Higa, children's book author and illustrator

“Michelle Pelsue’s Catalyst Program for artists combines her unique ability to speak truth in kindness, with the laser focus of a surgeon, the research and knowledge of an expert, the patience of a therapist, and the ferocity of a boxing coach.” 

Kevyn Bashore, Filmmaker  

“I never thought of myself as an entrepreneur, and at times I felt insecure as an artist, especially during times when I was not working. Michelle Pelsue’s Catalyst Program catapulted me into a new sphere. From the first session, I was impressed with Michelle’s knowledge, conviction, and ability to share her knowledge. 

I began to embrace the responsibility of the artist gift I have been given, felt a greater purpose and value, and began learning the tools necessary to become a better artist and business woman in the art world. Michelle coached me through difficult skills that I felt I could not learn, and I was pleasantly surprised when I was able to perform at a higher level. 

I definitely recommend Catalyst Program to anyone who wants to take seriously his/her work as a creative, whether in film, visual arts, production, acting or singing. Michelle Pelsue will help you navigate through the steps encouraging you, and stirring you toward the goal.”

Silvana Tei Kenney, Sculptor, Performance and Installation Artist  

“Michelle Pelsue’s Catalyst Program has been the best class I have taken on the business side of being a creative entrepreneur. Her knowledge about marketing, website building and management, social media, and utilizing God-given gifts and talents is vast and she is a very generous and gifted communicator. I highly recommend Calatyst for all who want to take their creative endeavors to the next level.”

Lori Ann Fuller Piscioneri, Vocalist & Founder of Voice AcademyLA  

“Catalyst is a professional development course for artists and is coached by Michelle Pelsue. It’s a place for artists of all types to effectively hone tools to raise public exposure to further their various careers. What makes this class stand out is Michelle’s advanced technical expertise in social media, as well as other professional practices, along with her sincere attention to the spiritual well being of artists. Michelle is passionate for our success and she challenges us to reach further than we knew we needed to go! Furthermore, as a community we support each other to follow through with social media opportunities, audience registries, and assorted disciplines necessary for managing our careers. Michelle is sophisticated as well as patient and accepting. Her TLC sets the tone for the course.” 

Wendy Widdell Wolff, Painter