Understanding Your Calling As An Artist of Faith Video 2

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    • Daniel Reply

      Wow, that really cleared up some confusion for me. I hadn’t thought o bout multiple calling before, and as a result I was a little scattered when trying to understand how to function as a Christian artist. Prioritizing callings is a great way to keep things in balance. I’ll be more vigilant from now on with my primary calling. Thanks so much for putting this together, Joel! It was a big help for me!

      • Joel Pelsue Reply


        That is so great to hear! Without the concept of multiple callings, we end up in a very confusing cloud of competing interests. It doesn’t matter if we are artists, doctors, or accountants. The typical instability of an artists vocation increases the tension. so glad it was a blessing to you!

        Joel Pelsue

  1. Joy Bellingham Reply

    thank you – a very good reminder to keep things in balance – in a new season where there are possibilities opening up – to keep the primary callings centred ( and that it is Possible!)

    • Joel Pelsue Reply

      My Pleasure. Understanding those multiple callings is a great first step. It really sets the ground for further principles and decision making. Glad it was a blessing to you!


  2. Pamela Reply

    Thanks so much, Joel! The idea of multiple callings makes sense but I had not thought of it in that way before. Trying different things for a season also really resonated with me. Looking forward to the next video!

  3. Serena Reply

    Greetings, Pastor Pelsue.
    I think your content in the last two videos are very helpful in gaining clarity in always putting the Lord and His priorities first WHILE pursuing the callingS [ capital “S” is deliberate 🙂 ] He has on our lives. It pretty much sums up the whole idea in scripture that whatever we do, to do it unto the Lord.

    Perhaps we sometimes fall into a trap of thinking that our calling is to be dictated by the world’s standards (otherwise, it won’t be accepted or be “as good”) and, as a result, think that we must choose one or the other, the Lord OR our calling. This is obviously untrue if we are worshiping and putting the Lord first and follow His lead in all things, especially our calling.

    Thank you for this clarity.
    May the Lord continue to bless you and your wife with wisdom and understanding in your callingS and in all thingS. 🙂

    Serena Rose

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