Optimizing Your Creative Ideas

Optimizing Your Creative Ideas

Optimizing your creative ideas requires more than a great café to write in, a studio with great lighting, or finding a great writer’s group. Optimizing your creativity has more to do with the way your brain handles ideas, and giving your brain the time it needs to process. How can we find that sweet spot and increase the chances we will have more creative, original ideas? Watch this video to understand the answer.


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Adam Grant’s TED talk on Original Thinkers: HERE

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  1. Wendy Widell Wolff Reply

    Germination is a rich thing. Our work benefits when we are conscious of this phase of the process. It’s freeing to be trusting that a new idea will be exciting (as well as challenging) in the process of being molded. It ushers in depth as well. We can think about what we are doing, why we are doing it, and how we will do it. Yes. This takes time.
    Then later when asked about the work, we are able to verbally share the genuine process. Our work then exudes authenticity which
    is an earmark of strong work.
    Thanks Joel!

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