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Strategy 1:


All work/art is not created equal. There are tasks that are important, but there are also the tasks and projects that will generate the greatest return on your time. Whatever your process is, prioritize your most important projects. If you don’t prioritize them, they won’t get done, or they will take far more time than they should. Remember, email will always be there. Little annoyances will persist. Prioritize, and stay focused.

Strategy 2:


Your will power is not enough. It is a limited resource, so don’t overload your will power and your energy by creating dozens of individual, unrelated goals. It's been well researched that the greatest progress comes not through large changes, but through smaller changes in our habits and by ‘stacking habits'. Once you prioritize, this second step to ritualize is critical to your success as an artist or creative professional.

Strategy 3:


To-do lists were fine when we were young and had few obligations, but in today’s world they will not suffice. You cannot win the war when the distractions of social media, streaming movies and cell phone notifications never cease to plead for attention. Your to-do list is no match. If you do not put your priorities on the calendar, and protect your time, realize that no one will protect it for you.

Your Schedule:

Saturday, November 5, 2022

10am- 1:30pm (PST)

Where Artists and Creative Professionals get REAL answers to transform their use of time to maximize their creativity and overcome their hectic schedules. You will experience powerful freedom from the tyranny of the urgent. So stop the overwhelm and crush the fears, discouragement and disorganization of Your Creative Career. Transform your business and get REAL traction for your career. Learn the Time Management Strategies to revolutionize how you use your time and turn your career around!

Session 01

10am (PST)

When you are an artist of faith you approach your time, talent and goals in light of God's calling on your life. Whether you realize it or not, how you wrestle with and manage your time is a worship issue. In session one we dive deep in Scripture to uncover our misconceptions about time and learn to prioritize our main objectives.

Session 02

11am (PST)

In session 2 we learn how balance and flexible systems give us the freedom to be successful and accomplish our goals. We also learn the power of using the calendar effectively to support our own priorities, and realize how it gives us the confidence to move forward and experience reliability.

Session 03

12:30 (PST)

Session 3 is all about the nuance and exceptions in life that artists experience more than any other. We answer the questions and challenges REAL WORKING creatives must overcome to be successful in how they use their time.

Who is This For?

If any of the following sounds like you, do yourself a favor and do not miss this 1 day course...

"I'm overwhelmed and don't know where to start. I always have too much to do and not enough time."

We’ve all been there. We live in a hectic world with so many opportunities. On top of that, we are bombarded by emails, and notifications on our computers and phones. Feeling overwhelmed is where so many people are today. You are in the right place. We can help you silence the noise and learn how to get back in control of your life. You are not alone, and this course will give you practical tools to help you get back on top of your creative projects as well as your other priorities in life.

"What if my calendar isn't fully mine? What if I'm on location with a film or a TV show or I'm touring with a band and don't have a 'normal' schedule for months at a time?"

That can be a real challenge to adapt to. It can be hard on family and other relationships, as well as on your ability to pivot and remain productive. The good news is that you are not alone and we can help you design your goals and priorities to fit these kinds of challenges. Remember, God is still in charge and has provided tools and opportunities for you to remain healthy during these unique seasons.  Our system is practical for everyone, but the most helpful dynamic for you is how flexible it is.

"What if I tried other systems and they never really worked?"

We hear you! We've been there. That’s why we designed this course to be really simple, accessible and practical. You don’t need any expensive tools or programs, and you don’ need a PhD to figure it out. We designed the tips and techniques to be easy to start utilizing and we also have segments on how to maintain these new habits without getting overwhelmed. In fact, we teach you how to create new habits, and how to put them on autopilot so you don’t really need to think hard about them in the future. Trust us, this course is for you and will help you in ways other courses and techniques may have failed.

"Does God care how I use my time? Don't I have freedom in Christ?"

Yes, we have tremendous freedom in Christ. We should rejoice over this freedom from sin, guilt and shame. But what is that freedom supposed to be used for? Christ didn’t die for us to be careless. No. Jesus died for us so that we might live for him, and now he expects us to use our freedom to pursue a deeper relationship with God as we seek to love God with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength. This includes our time…from observing the Sabbath, to our creative passions and our work. As the apostle Paul wrote, “Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men” – Colossians 3:23 (ESV)  But this is not bad news. It is good news, because God knows your talents and your heart. He gave you those passions and invites you to create with excellence while growing deeper in your faith.  This course will give you a deeper sense of God’s love as well as a more grand perspective about your time and how you spend your time. Join us for the course to gain this more robust and wonderful perspective.

"I'm not sure this course is for me, who is it for?"

This one day course is for ALL visual & performing artists, filmmakers, musicians, photographers, Illustrators, video game designers, writers, media and creative professionals. Whatever your art, our principles will help you see how to use your time in a new way and empower you to get to a place of rest and freedom.

Your Hosts, Joel & Michelle.

Joel and Michelle have been mentoring and discipling artists around the globe for over 30 years. From LA to NY and London to Africa, Norway, Taiwan, Australia and more.

Artists and creative professionals look to the teaching and mentorship of Joel and Michelle for help with both their career and their spiritual walk.

Joel and Michelle are the founders of both Arts & Entertainment Ministries (AEM) and the Arts & Entertainment Institute (AEI) where they teach artists and creative professionals.

And now for the FIRST time after they have received many questions from artists and creatives about how to have effective and productive time management strategies, Joel and Michelle decided to create a live time management training.

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Here's what people who have worked with Joel & Michelle have to say:

“Michelle is by far the best facilitator that I have worked with for self development and also for my business needs. She is a powerhouse with a unique ability to love you as she hands you a superb level of organization and transparency. She has mastered the ability to create a full proof lesson plan equipped with articles, links and modules. Michelle’s amazing coaching style is gripping and admirable as she navigates you through the best practices of your career and business.” 

-Andrea Walker-Williamson, Author & Creative Entrepreneur

“Even though I had been an artist and art teacher for years, and even though I had been a pastor,I had never heard such clear application of Biblical principles to my passion to create and for the arts as I have at AEM."

-Peque, Visual Artist  

“When it comes to understanding mainstream culture, entertainment and the arts, and how Christians should interact in these areas, Joel is an expert.  His personal experiences and depth of research makes him very knowledgeable and, yet, he communicates in a very relaxed but engaging way with his audience.  Joel spent two days with us and our students loved him, we hope to have him back again soon!” 

-Tim Elrod, Director of Campus Ministries, Northwestern College

“... Michelle Pelsue is an extraordinary teacher and resource whose experience, knowledge and wisdom I did not fully comprehend until I was immersed ... Her commitment to the material and to helping each participant find their connections to it was amazing.  

With Michelle’s mentorship ... I have been able to get myself ready for an entirely new chapter of my career.

Arts and Entertainment Ministries already offers a wealth of blessing, community and ministry for artists of all kinds, but to get into this level of depth with someone who can pastor you in your career as a creative…. that’s incredibly rare to find and has been the utmost value for me as I move forward boldly, knowing that I am called to this life as an artist.” 

-Liberty Worth, Fine Artist & Textile Designer

" I know Michelle is committed to seeing each participant become the best creative that God intended them to be."

-Daniel Hendricksen, Painter

"AEM is a truth buffer between the secular world and the constant striving to know God fully. I’m a Christian making a living as an actor. The acting industry can be an ego-driven and Godless world. Many times I’ve felt at sea when dealing with the judgement and rejection that is as normal a dynamic as breathing when striving for the next role. I liken AEM as an oasis in the desert. A resuscitation after losing your breath. The Forums, online blogs and seminars that AEM offers are based in solid theology and encourage practical application, while never forgetting who’s being ministered to. The eclectic gathering of artists that are AEM benefit from a consistent charge to always be true to whatever art they produce while at the same time to inform their art according to God’s Word."

-Jeff Austin, Actor & Filmmaker

“Michelle Pelsue is the real deal. Focused, persistent, and detailed, she cut through my fears and inertia like a laser knife, putting me on a clear path to growth and success. ”

-Cindi Zech Rhodes, Curator

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