God’s Love for Artists

God’s Love for Artists

Have you ever wondered about God’s love for artists?
Have you wondered if the Bible give us a reason to think God loves Artists?
The simple answer: Yes! God loves artists, and the Bible makes this clear.

If you have ever struggled as a creative to see how your faith and your creative work can please God, especially if your work is not evangelistic or explicit, this is a “must watch video!”

Today, I want to share with you the truth about God’s love for Artists.
He gave artists their creativity, and imagination for a reason, and the God uses artists both in the culture and in the church. So take a few minutes right now, and be encouraged about God’s love for you as an artist.

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6 comments on “God’s Love for Artists”

  1. Leonardo Ramirez Reply

    Thanks Joel. This is a great reminder especially in the midst of going through the process of pitching and prayerfully considering what project to work on next as we wait while remaining on the path of healing.

  2. Maggie Reply

    Thank you so much Joel. This is encouraging especially when one feels that their work is not generating milage for them as expected then questions appear such as, is this even important? who cares? plan B might work better, quit and look into other sectors.

  3. Wendy Wolff Reply

    Hi Joel,
    Thank you for this rich talk. I am especially excited about the fact that when we get to Heaven one day we will be making ART!
    WITH ALL THE PERFECT CONDITIONS OF HEAVEN! Now. Furthermore, I am wondering if Heaven will contain the greatest library.
    There are so many books I have no time to read. Do you think we will be able to read the classics in Eternity?

    • Joel Pelsue Reply


      That makes sense. Our highest calling is to become more like Christ, self-emptying while loving God and loving others. This would include creating, writing and all kinds of art. And I would presume with glorified bodies we will be able to speed read as well!

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