Does the Bible talk about art?

Does the Bible talk about art?

Have you ever heard your pastor list how many kinds of art are in the Bible?
Me neither.

So watch this video and then share it with your pastor or ministry leader.

The truth is….The Bible is chock full of types of art!
But nobody really takes time to explore what that means for the church and for artists and creative professionals.

So, we made a video to fix that problem,




Were you surprised by the art in the Bible? Let us know in the comments below!



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4 comments on “Does the Bible talk about art?”

  1. Alan Hueth Reply

    A great video! My media literacy book (and curricula) will deal with that thought/area. Most Christians don’t even think about that. Keep it up!
    blessings on you and yours,

    • Joel Pelsue Reply


      I’m sure you feel the same why I do.
      It is astounding that pastors and theologians don’t think to address this.

      Thankful for your work.

  2. Linda Curry Reply

    Thank you for your encouragement and sharing. I am a visual storyteller. I don’t make family friendly or hallmark romantic movie. My voice is more the mess of life with the message of redemption and hope but mainly, hopefully thought provoking so someone will ask questions. I wouldn’t say my films are uplifting or encouraging as much as spiritual truths and real. I like character driven plots with real situations. I often wonder if I’m on the wrong track as I find it really hard to get support in Australia for my storytelling. Christian’s seem to like light and fluffy. I’m dark and gritty. I’m happy to share some of my work with anyone who is interested.
    Blessings and warm regards
    Linda Marie Curry

    • Joel Pelsue Reply


      I have been grieved lately by hearing from brothers and sisters in Australia how their churches have adopted a very fundamentalist approach to the arts. As in my recent video reviewing the book, “Christ and Culture,” These churches tend to embrace a ‘Church against Culture’ perspective and fail to see God as redeemer in this area. Let us know how we can help.

      As to your storytelling, we need realistic stories if we are going to resonate with our non-Christian community. Gritty stories connect more with my friends who have endured abuse, or whose parents are divorced, etc. If done right, it can show a more powerful story of forgiveness and redemption. Just as Paul was more on fire for the gospel, because of his astonishment that God could save him, “the chief of sinners.”

      You would be encouraged by this video of ours:

      Let us know what questions you have that we can cover, and make sure to sign up for our enewsletter on our website.

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