Does God Hate Hollywood?

Does God Hate Hollywood?

Does Hollywood promote so much anti-God content, that it is reasonable to presume that God hates Hollywood, or is there are lot more to this question? Are there people here in L.A. with dark desires and evil intentions? Of course.

So how do we think about the entertainment industry? What is a healthy, biblical model for thinking about this industry that acknowledges the problems, without omitting God’s heart to forgive, redeem, and transform cities and industries?



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2 comments on “Does God Hate Hollywood?”

  1. Leonardo Ramirez Reply

    We are so prone as Christians to forget how far His grace and mercy reaches. We only need to remember Saul and look into what he was like before he encountered the one he persecuted. But more importantly, we only need to look at ourselves and what we’re like without Christ. God is in the redemption business. Great vlog Joel!

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