Christ and Culture Book Review

Christ and Culture Book Review

How does your faith interact with the world around you?
Is your faith personal and private, or does your faith in Christ compel you to care about what is happening in the culture at large?
Some Christians ignore the cultural trends, but at what cost?

H. Richard Niebuhr’s book Christ and Culture is a classic, that still helps us think clearly about these issues more than 50 years after it was first printed.
Join us in our first video in a series of book reviews designed to help Christians understand Biblical principles for engaging the culture around you.



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2 comments on “Christ and Culture Book Review”

  1. Wendy Widell Wolff Reply

    I really appreciate this new series of book reviews.
    I totally identify with the challenge of the importance of the church interfacing with culture in healthy ways. These principles you spoke of tonight certainly still/do apply during these challenging times in our culture. I agree that for the church to uphold Gods ways there will inevitably be a tension between the Orthodox Church and what we call “the World”. However the nuance you talk about is a day by day response to cultural events (etc) where we need a lot of wisdom to navigate through and come out the other end with a loving and grace filled aroma in the footsteps we leave behind us. In the case of cultural clash with the world this is of utmost importance. But unfortunately, not 100% of the time possible. There are times we need to take difficult stands and that sweet aroma will not be embraced no matter how genuinely diplomatic we have been. This is when it can get tough. This will keep us on our knees seeking Gods voice and as we ask Him to lead our hearts and minds.

    • Joel Pelsue Reply


      Very well stated.
      We want to love our neighbors within the culture, but as Jesus warned us, some of them will hate us.
      As Western Culture drifts away from it’s Christian moorings, we are bound to hit more resistance.

      God give us the boldness to resist appeasing, and the strength to be gracious when others are not.

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