Becoming A Bold Creative

Becoming A Bold Creative

Becoming a bold creative is a good and wise goal as an artist or creative professional. But first you must answer some important questions—What’s holding you back, right now, from starting a new career, launching a new kind of art, or becoming bolder with the art you already create?
Lots of creatives are afraid of being rejected, but they don’t ask the three questions that are the most helpful:

1) Do I care too much about what others think?

2) Why should I think this fear is relevant?

3) Where should my confidence come from if it is to last? …watch the video as we answer these together and find bold creativity.


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  1. ;Graham Voller Reply

    Your ministry is such a breath of inspiration!. Its great to know there are more voices crying in the wilderness and joining together to make a way for the lord. My long journey of faith as an artist and writer needs some destiny helpers too. God bless, Graham Voller (Australia).

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