Art Does Not Cause Idolatry Vlog

Art Does Not Cause Idolatry Vlog

Art does not cause idolatry and never has caused idolatry. Why? Find out as we clarify the real issue of idolatry. It is important because the one myth that art causes idolatry is wrong and needs to be addressed if the broader Christian community is going to ever fully support artists and professional creatives of faith. This myth, that art causes idolatry isn’t Biblical, and it isn’t even rational. Join me for a few minutes and share your thoughts. 


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6 comments on “Art Does Not Cause Idolatry Vlog”

  1. Lino Reply

    I do not think I’ve heard this discussed. Thanks so much for opening it up to us and exploring the counterpoint to this. It’s super

  2. Chris Skaggs Reply

    This was really well spoken Joel. Thank you! Over the years I’ve had more encounters where believers were sort of vaguely wary of art, but didn’t maybe know why, and I think this gives me a good point to perhaps bring that kind of conversation forward.

    • Joel Pelsue Reply

      Thank you, Chris,

      Indeed, this idea creeps into our theology and understanding of culture in surprising ways. This idea is stated even in the book, Art for God’s Sake, by Ryken. An example of the tremendous irony because he made the statement “art leads to idolatry” several times even in a book where he was trying to encourage artists, and make a case for the arts in the Christian community. And one of the most famous Christian visual artists alive (Mako Fujimura) wrote the forward and praised the book….which I must only assume he didn’t really read. I have known Mako for years, but haven’t seen him recently, so I haven’t asked him about this.

  3. Linda Curry Reply

    I agree you can admire the gifts of an artist and not worship them. God gives us talents and abilities that we use to glorify Him. The only time art would become idolatry is if it comes before God and it’s our idiom. Sadly it’s true there are so many people who judge you if you are in arts because the world worships artists. ❤️

    • Joel Pelsue Reply

      Exactly Linda. Well said. That is also a great point about worshiping the artists, not just the art. We do idolize celebrities in our culture.

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