Sin Boldly

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Fear kills creativity. It doesn’t matter if it is fear of failure, fear of success, fear of the critic or fear of what your Christian and skeptic friends might think. The reformer Martin Luther claimed that Christians should be bold and stop wavering amidst the choices we face. Take time to make a wise choice, but when you have done that, stop analyzing and worrying. The truth is we are going to make mistakes. That is a given. But… do we really believe God forgives us? If we truly grasp this, we will find true freedom in Christ. This deep freedom will change the way you create, collaborate with other creatives and engage your audience.


Martin Luther*

*It is tragic that Martin Luther became very harsh in his words and in his tone toward many people, especially Catholic leaders and Jews. Obviously we do not endorse those statements. However, we also do not see any example in Scripture of “cancel culture.” In fact, we still have all the stories of The Apostle Paul, though he began his ministry persecuting and killing people for following Christ. God is redeemer, not a canceler. We also see in the Old Testament that even though King David committed murder, adultery, abused his power and broke other commandments, he is still included in the Old Testament. In fact, our savior still came from a genealogy including King David, and the prostitute Rahab (Heb. 11:31). God loves taking our sin and brokenness and turning it around to show His grace and His glory.