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Does God Care About Art?

Does God Care About Art?

Back to the foundational questions artists, creatives, and pastors need to understand. Without this, Christians and the church will fail to engage their culture in a robust way. God cares deeply about the arts, and the evidence is throughout the Bible. Join us to learn the passages and principles that bring clarity on the topic, and confidence to creatives – both creating art in the mainstream and creating art for the Christian community. 

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7 comments on “Does God Care About Art?”

  1. Karen DeLoach Reply

    My heart and calling fall in line with what you are teaching.
    I am an artist and I teach art.
    My husband and I are also ordained ministers and co-pastor a monthly Prophetic Arts Gathering here in the Low Country of Charleston, SC.

    blessings, always to fellow arts creatives!!
    Karen DeLoach

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