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Creative Sweet Spot

Creative Sweet Spot

Finding your creative sweet spot requires more than a great café to write in, a studio with great lighting, or finding a great writer’s group. Finding your creative sweet spot has more to do with the way your brain handles ideas, and giving your brain the time it needs to process. How can we find that sweet spot and increase the chances we will have more creative, original ideas?


The key may be found in your work patterns. Many artists think of themselves as procrastinators. (We wrote a whole article on overcoming procrastination HERE ) Procrastination in the classic sense, is avoiding the issue until the very end, right before the due date. This requires dexterity and quick thinking in that last minute. However, it doesn’t leave enough time for creativity to flourish.


Other artists could be described as precrastinators. Precrastination is the habit of getting work done as soon as you know about the project. This is typically the high achiever who is efficient with their time. The problem with this approach is the efficiency is often achieved at the cost of creativity.

The problem is the procrastinator and the precrastinator both miss something. The greatest creativity is somewhere in the middle. Why?


Your brain needs time for ideas to germinate after you have considered the project. This isn’t that shocking when you think about it, but . . . next time you have a creative project, you SHOULD think about it! Don’t precrastinate and crank it out quick ahead of time. Don’t procrastinate and leave it all until the last minute. Find the sweet spot, where your creativity has time to germinate.


The final piece of the puzzle? Take bold risks, and don’t be afraid to fail. We all need to improvise, risk failure, and find the sweet spot for our creativity. For more on risk taking, read THIS.

We have included a great resource video by Adam Grant, the author of  Originals, How Nonconformists Move the World (amazon affiliate link), and the youngest tenured professor at Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Now find your creative sweet spot!

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  1. Brad Reply

    Precrastination. What a strange word. Not likely I’ll ever try it.

    I like the idea of germination. It gives me something to blame my procrastination on…and it works.

    Thanks for this.


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