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Category Archives: Blog

art as free speech

Art as Free Speech

Art as Free Speech If art is to be embraced as self-expression, and a safe arena within which to explore ideas, we must recognize art as free speech. This means that we must defend the freedom of all artists and creatives to produce works that represent their viewpoint, not matter how absurd we perceive it […]

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get unstuck

Get Unstuck

Get Unstuck Change is exciting, but why is it so hard to get unstuck? None of us want to live a vanilla life, especially creatives and artists. The creative life has many blessings as well as challenges, and one of the key parts of the journey is learning how to get unstuck. The feeling of […]

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social media for artists

Social Media for Artists

Social Media for Artists Social media for artists and creatives is essential to the success of their creative career. As we have mentioned in our blogs and online courses, artists and creative professionals working and creating today have unprecedented opportunities to leverage social media to get their work seen and sold. The deeper and more […]

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the unique artist according to marx

The Unique Artist According to Marx

The Unique Artist: According to Marx Judaism and Christianity value your individuality and your creativity, but what about Karl Marx who is so often promoted in artist circles and art programs? The God of the Bible commissioned artwork in Exodus 31, and even commissioned an artist. You can check out the video on Bezalel HERE. […]

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the heart of creativity

The Heart of Creativity

The Heart of Creativity Creativity thrives not only when we encounter new ideas but when we dig deeper and begin to understand the heart of creativity. Such freedom comes from more than the mere allotment of time, or the availability of instruments, tools or materials. What we really need is the freedom from within our […]

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how pastors can inspire artists

How Pastors Can Inspire Artists

How Pastors Can Inspire Artists If artists of faith are going to thrive, we need to know how pastors can inspire artists. Beyond sermons with pop culture references, and hip clothing, we need something systemic that is anchored in Scripture. As pastors, we need to understand what the Bible says about the arts and understand […]

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How Marxism Destroys Art

How Marxism Destroys Art

How Marxism Destroys Art Artists who embrace Marxism will eventually see that this approach to society eliminates patrons, angel investors, art markets, and even creativity. Too many artists become enamored with Marxism because they do not understand the real world, long-term implications of Karl Marx’s philosophy. Take 10 minutes and you will see why NO […]

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