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should christians create shock art?

Should Christians Create Shock Art?

Should Christians Create Shock Art? Shock Art and The Bible Many Christians have asked us the question, should Christians create shock art? It’s a valid question. And it’s important to understand the answer to the question and the history behind it. You see, at AEM we believe Christians involved in the arts should feel free […]

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Christianity & creativity freedom

Christianity & Creativity: Freedom

In the next video in our series Christianity & Creativity we wrestle with the concept of freedom and boundaries. Complete freedom is a myth. You need boundaries, structure and the ability to make choices. Your spiritual life and your creative life operate out of these same principles. This is how God designed you! If you […]

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creativity requires vulnerability

Creativity Requires Vulnerability

Creativity Requires Vulnerability Creativity requires vulnerability. Any time you begin to express or create something new, and present it to others, there is the hope of acceptance and the risk of rejection. We cannot take new risks and new chances in our art and in our life without being vulnerable. It is part of who […]

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for the good of the city

For the Good of the City

For the Good of the City Our city of dreams Los Angeles is built on dreams and ambition. Even back in 1890, Andres Arroyo said, “Los Angeles is not a culture. It is a commodity.” Long before the entertainment industry arrived, L.A. was selling a dream of a better life. It is probably why the […]

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depicting evil in art

Depicting Evil in Art

Depicting Evil in Art Depicting evil in art and entertainment is a given if we plan on creating honest work. Encountering evil people, movements and temptations are part of life and a part of the art and entertainment we create. Evil must be understood to be portrayed, but at what cost? If we don’t understand […]

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Christianity & Creativity Imago Dei

Christianity & Creativity: Imago Dei

Christianity & Creativity: Imago Dei In this second video in our series on Christianity & Creativity we discuss the concept of the Imago Dei. If we realize we are made in God’s image (Imago Dei), we realize our creativity comes from Him. The best way to understand our Christianity and creativity is to examine how […]

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stop saying artists are prophets

Stop Saying Artists Are Prophets

Stop saying artists are prophets Artists hate being labeled. Why? Labeling is a failure to see the unique, and to distinguish what is precious. For years, many ministry leaders and well intended friends have called artists prophets. This was done in the hope of affirming their gifts and recognizing their abilities. The irony of saying […]

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creative burnout

Creative Burnout

Creative burnout is real.  Many creatives face it everyday in a very real way. You can ignore the dangers at your own peril. Or you can find a way to get deep, real rest. Professional artists are like professional athletes. You worked hard to get where you are, and you developed your talents. As a […]

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Becoming a Healthy Artist

Becoming a Healthy Artist

Becoming a healthy artist isn’t something most artists ever talked about in their universities, their studios, or their galleries. From professors to patrons, the focus has been on your creativity, and your innovation. Yet, if you are going to have a productive and long career, then becoming a healthy artist is critically important. As creatives […]

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