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Arts & Entertainment Virtual Summit

12 comments on “Arts & Entertainment Virtual Summit”

  1. Leo Reply

    Enjoyed session number one, Joel. It was a fresh perspective. It was informative. It was inviting. And it was encouraging. That’s pretty good stuff!l I am looking forward to the rest of the series.

  2. Thomas C Reply

    I really enjoyed the first 2 videos thanks you guys. Im looking forward to whats to come! ☺

  3. Laurie Mills Reply

    Hi Joel 🙂
    I live in SE Qld, Australia, and enjoy a few things: pencil and ink on paper visual art, creating short videos, as an illustrator for a children’s book, and a bit of design work. I will be authoring and illustrating my own books very soon, and am building my website.

    My field of interest is: beauty resilience and meaning in life, especially in the context of trauma.

    I love to discover & express the wonders in creation especially those which highlight God’s attributes, usually covertly. The people I most enjoy communicating with are traumatised people, especially those for whom the trauma is not and never will be “post” traumatic stress as it’s lived with every day and is certain to affect one’s future. The specific field I focus upon is very controversial, being parents from whose children were unnecessarily and coercively taken and placed for adoption, as well as those who insist they wanted to relinquish. It is a very challenging mission field particularly because the majority of them end up rejecting and even despising God, and along with a high suicide rate, that is tragic. This material also applies to those who live with the situation of a missing person, be it abduction of a child or a loved one missing in action in a war or kidnapped into sex slavery etc. Both groups of people are hungry for help. I hope what I create helps them, God willing.

    I also do casual work for a business who builds emotional resilience in children and assists parents/adults to foster that, which also helps the adults build their resilience. I enjoy the overt presentation of God in this and the stories I hear from children around the world in how this helps them is super rewarding. It is my hope they won’t end up like people in my previous paragraph, but if they do, they’ll fare better.

    So that’s me. Thanks to your ministry and these talks I now fully understand that what it appears to be God’s clear calling on my life is indeed a high calling, contrary to much I’ve heard and believed. Thank you and God bless you.
    Laurie (the female sort)

    • Joel Pelsue Reply


      Wow. What an amazing Ministry. I am so thankful that our content is a blessing to you and the great work you are doing. It is wonderful to hear the people you are impacting in Australia.


  4. Joanna Salinas Reply

    Super Blessed! Just wanted to reassure you that this material is indeed a blessing! Thank you!

  5. Nikki Reply

    Finally got to finish them
    Great job Joel
    I especially like the idea of stewardship of our artistic gifts

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