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5 Creativity Hacks to Use Right Now

5 Creativity Hacks to use Right Now

Everyone can feel stuck in the midst of their projects, so here are 5 creativity hacks to use right now. You are not alone. Anyone can fall into a rut, whether you are a New York Times Bestselling author, a dancer, an actor, a painter or a producer. Everyone needs a little fresh inspiration once in a while. To help you out, here are a few hacks to get those creative juices flowing again.

1) Change your environment

This was the power of the Starbucks brand. The founder, Howard Schultz knew people needed a 3rd place which was something separate from their work office/studio and their home/apartment. Our brains fall into predictable patterns, and get comfortable with the same desk, same coffee mug (or cup of tea for my wife), same mess, and same inspiration. We need new stimuli to get us thinking in new ways. Changing something as simple as the place you sit, think and relax is a simple way to start.

For artists who need a large space and cannot create at a coffee shop the way writers can, this may sound daunting. Don’t worry. Consider trading studios with another artist for a day. It doesn’t have to be every week but try it and see the benefits you will gain. Get creative on how to mix-up your routine, and you will see the benefits.

2) Take time for a side project

Take 15 minutes and do something you don’t ordinarily do. This forces blood to flow to different parts of your brain and enable you to make new connections within your life and your art. No pressure to create a masterpiece. Just have fun with it. Here are a few ideas:

– Write a poem
– Sketch your spouse, friend, or pet (the less gifted you are at drawing the better)
– Use your phone to take some artistic photos instead of selfies.
– Plant some flowers, herbs, or vegetables

3) Express your gratitude

Take a few minutes and write thank you letters to those who have mentored or inspired you along the way. It can be any sort of inspiration or encouragement along the way. Here are a few examples:

– A teacher that encouraged you
– A great artist that inspired you (even if they are famous and you have never met them)
– A colleague that makes you feel like you are not alone in this journey
– Siblings, parents, and children
– A spiritual leader who helped you in some way
– Someone who lovingly confronted you so you would outgrow bad habits/perspectives

4) Listen to music

Play some music while you create. This can be instrumental, ambient sounds, or a song that puts you in a particular mood. You can use sites like Brain.fm to help your mind block other noises out, and use bio-rhythms to increase focus, or you can listen to songs that inspired you years ago.

One last recommendation here: listen to music you don’t ordinarily listen to. If you love rock, try country. If you love classical, try some reggae or ska music. Whatever your preference, mix it up and see how it affects your mood and begins to give you new ideas.

5) Go play

Ever heard of a theology of play? You need to. When you are under the pressure, sometimes it is best to take a break and have fun. Throw a frisbee, dance, sing karaoke, or play a fun board game. Consider seeing a movie in the middle of the day. If you have kids, just let them choose what you can do!

God did not create us to sit and work all the time. We need a sabbath. We need to sleep at night. We also need to play, laugh, and dream. Pay attention to those rhythms and take time to play. It transforms the way you live, love, and create.

Charlie Hoehn was the first person I heard speak on the theology of play. He makes a great case of how much God cares about us taking time to play. Here is his book, Play It Away (amazon affiliate link). Here are a few videos on the value of play as well: videos here


I could make the list longer, but you don’t need a long list. You need to make a choice! Choose one of these 5 creativity hacks to use right now. Either turn off your computer right now and go do one of these, or schedule it in your calendar- soon! You are not meant to live your life in a rut, or driving yourself into the ground on a project. Take time to play, to be thankful, listen to music, change up your environment, or do a side project. 5 simple, easy options.

Don’t deliberate. Decide!
Schedule it and start new habits to boost your creativity. You can do this!
And remember, God is always with you.

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