10th Commandment for Artists

Enjoy this vlog of the 10th Commandment for Artists and Creative Professionals in our Ten Commandments for Artists series.
Here’s a little about the video: Coveting kills your joy. Unlike the other commandments, this one cuts to the heart. God cares about your affections and desires, not simply your actions, because that is where the real struggle is found. We are all tempted to compare ourselves with others and become jealous of their possessions or accomplishments. Coveting has been around since the fall of Adam and Eve. The Challenge comes when we ask ourselves how to resist those temptations and we ask what is truly good for our soul. It is then we realize we will never make real progress if we simply ‘resist’ coveting. What is needed is a heart and mind that pursues contentment. Watch this video to get some practical tools to develop your contentment, and for you to grow in spiritual maturity as an artist of faith.

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