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the artist's achilles' heel

The Artist’s Achilles’ Heel

The Artist’s Achilles’ Heel As artists and creative professionals, we have killer instincts in the creative process but often have the artist’s Achilles’ heel. Most of us creatives are really quite disciplined, and some would say aggressive when it comes to creating, iterating, and finishing our creations, regardless of what they are: paintings, sculptures, choreography, […]

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when artists stop creating

When Artists Stop Creating

When Artists Stop Creating There is a time when artists stop creating. It is not a new struggle but a struggle we find over 2,000 years ago in Babylon. The reasons are many. It may be a long stretch between gigs. It may be a weariness of the soul. Maybe you even achieved your goals […]

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is there art in heaven

Is There Art in Heaven?

Is There Art in Heaven? Is there art in heaven? A curious question with serious implications. Heaven will be a haven for creatives. It will be inspiring, empowering and a breath of fresh air that will last for eternity. Artists will be able to continue the work they loved here on earth. This will not […]

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toilet paper inspiration

Toilet Paper Inspiration

Toilet Paper Inspiration As I refer to toilet paper inspiration in this case, I am referring to the amazing turn of the tides in the art world regarding the famous and very successful, deceased artist Thomas Kinkade. As the saying goes, you can’t make this stuff up. Who would have thought someone the mainstream art […]

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creativity in the midst of crisis

Creativity in the Midst of Crisis

Creativity in the Midst of Crisis When a crisis comes, we can be tempted to panic, or choose creativity in the midst of a crisis. The current corona virus may squelch or stretch your creativity. Are you frustrated by the new challenges? Previous habits and work patterns won’t always work in the future. Our ways […]

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5 habits of a creative mind

5 Habits of a Creative Mind

5 Habits of a Creative Mind Beyond the usual gimmicks for finding new ideas to thrive in your creative work, take time to embrace the value of these 5 habits of a creative mind. I am not talking suspicious notions and oddities. It is fascinating, but not necessarily helpful to research about the “air baths’ […]

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