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Category Archives: Blog

stop trying to fit in

Stop Trying to Fit In

Stop Trying to Fit In Deep confidence grows within us when we stop trying to fit in. This happens when we find our confidence in who God made us to be, and how much He loves us, instead of trying to ‘fit into’ the art scene. There is a good reason you don’t quite fit […]

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your identity as a creative

Your Identity as a Creative

Your Identity as a Creative Your identity as a creative is serious business. We must define clearly what that means. There is a danger finding your identity in only one project, or one talent. Your identity must be greater than that if you will be able to pivot and adapt to the challenges of life. […]

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consecrated creativity

Consecrated Creativity

Consecrated Creativity Operating out of a consecrated creativity gives you the strength you were intended to possess amidst the spiritual battles in the creative life. Consider the words of God to Joshua, in preparation for what God was about to do through him (lead the Israelites into the Promised Land). God told Joshua, “Consecrate yourselves, […]

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re-calibrating your creativity

Re-Calibrating Your Creativity

Re-Calibrating Your Creativity It is important in this new year you are re-calibrating your creativity. Why? Because it is easy to get lost in busyness, events of the day or worries of tomorrow. And after the craziness of the last two years, it can be hard to stay focused and pivot as needed. But challenging […]

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