IN 2022

Save My Spot!

An Online AEM Artist Forum.

Sunday, January 30 @5PM(PST)

Join us LIVE for an encouraging and practical strategy session for artists & creative professionals on:

Your Creative Mindset

There is a story your are telling yourself about your life and your art every day. It drives your passions, informs your fears and guides your choices. Many creatives discover their mindset works against them because they are plagued by fears and doubt. Join us and we will help you discover the joy and freedom God promises us as we deeply connect to a gospel mindset for our lives and our art.

Your Spiritual Why

Without a deep spiritual grounding, we can get lost our work, collaboration with others and the deadlines we face. Our soul is fed when we stay connected to God and connected to our spiritual why, in all we do. Your vision for your art and your life determines what will surprise you, what will give you confidence, and what will make you tremble in fear.This is where we help you uncover the story you are telling yourself about your creative life, your spiritual life, and your family life. Then, we will show you how to re-calibrate your story and your vision to give you hope, clarity and confidence. This is a radical departure from what the typical self-help books teach you, and will anchor you in God’s love for you and your story.

How to Re-Calibrate Right Now

A vision and a why are not complete without a strategy. Once we have established and reset our creative mindset and our spiritual why, it is critical that we put a strategy in place to insure we are moving forward. Join us to begin setting up the strategy for a healthy and productive creative life in this new year.

Hosted by AEM Co-Founders Joel & Michelle Pelsue.

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