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Category Archives: Blog

jesus our sublime savior

Jesus Our Sublime Savior

Jesus, Our Sublime Savior The Sublime Christ Beyond creeds and the doctrine of the incarnation, our soul longs to encounter Jesus, our sublime savior. This little one presenting the world with the paradox of being fully God and fully man, yet born of the virgin Mary. The Light of the world born in the dark […]

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creative wisdom

Creative Wisdom

Creative Wisdom The wise men who visited baby Jesus adapted to the challenges they faced, modeling for us the creative wisdom we all need. They didn’t get the reception with Herod one would expect, and they knew from the Holy Spirit that their plans had to change. Like those wise men, we need not only […]

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a deep creative confidence

A Deep Creative Confidence

A Deep Creative Confidence Long, meaningful careers are nurtured and developed by a deep creative confidence. They do not rest on the praise of yesterday’s fans, nor flinch at the attacks of yesterday’s critics. A deep creative confidence emerges from the strength found when a creative knows their identity, their calling, and their mission. They […]

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caring for the artist's soul

Caring for the Artist’s Soul

Caring for the Artist’s Soul Caring for the artist’s soul requires attention because your creativity and imagination thrive when your soul is thriving. So, how is your soul? Honestly? I’m not asking about how many awards you have, how much financial success you achieved, or about your accomplishments. I’m asking about your soul – Are […]

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christianity & creativity trinity

Christianity & Creativity: Trinity

Christianity & Creativity: Trinity Here’s the latest in our video series Christianity & Creativity: Trinity. Creativity flourishes when we understand the mystery of the Trinity. Not Your Typical Trinity Talk The Christian doctrine of the Trinity brings forth joy, celebration, and freedom because our God is a generous and relational God. If we understand this […]

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art as free speech

Art as Free Speech

Art as Free Speech If art is to be embraced as self-expression, and a safe arena within which to explore ideas, we must recognize art as free speech. This means that we must defend the freedom of all artists and creatives to produce works that represent their viewpoint, not matter how absurd we perceive it […]

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get unstuck

Get Unstuck

Get Unstuck Change is exciting, but why is it so hard to get unstuck? None of us want to live a vanilla life, especially creatives and artists. The creative life has many blessings as well as challenges, and one of the key parts of the journey is learning how to get unstuck. The feeling of […]

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social media for artists

Social Media for Artists

Social Media for Artists Social media for artists and creatives is essential to the success of their creative career. As we have mentioned in our blogs and online courses, artists and creative professionals working and creating today have unprecedented opportunities to leverage social media to get their work seen and sold. The deeper and more […]

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