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Category Archives: Blog

finishing the year with hope

Finishing the Year with Hope

Finishing the Year with Hope After all the challenges of 2020, the best way to prepare for 2021 is by finishing the year with hope. This year was a challenging year for creatives in all genres: Theaters went dark, studios and galleries were closed, and tour venues canceled tours. And yet, artists found new opportunities […]

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christmas and god's imagination

Christmas and God’s Imagination

Christmas and God’s Imagination If we look deeper this season we can see the invaluable gift of Christmas and God’s imagination. Beyond self-help books, good wine or good coffee, we need something profound, deep and rich to continually inspire us. Beyond the mistletoe and Hallmark movies, God’s imagination possesses power to drive your art, your […]

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top 10 books on creativity

Top Ten Books on Creativity

Top 10 Books on Creativity If you are wondering what book to give an artist, or to get for yourself, here are our top 10 books on creativity. A few surprises amidst some standards you have seen before. This is great if you are looking for new ideas, or if you simply desire refreshing honesty […]

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top 5 ted talsk on creativity

Top 5 TED Talks on Creativity

Top 5 TED Talks on Creativity Here are our top 5 TED talks on creativity, with some notes on how these great presentations connect with your spiritual life as well as your creative life. ENJOY! 1) Do Schools Kill Creativity? by Sir Ken Robinson This TED talk has millions of views for good reason. This […]

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it's not about you

It’s Not About You

It’s Not About You It’s not about you. Contrary to the mantras of our culture, the art world and the media, everything is not about you. The issues of the day are not about you. The political landscape is not about you. Sunday morning worship is not about you. This should be freeing because you […]

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are artists prophets part 2

Are Artists Prophets? Part 2

Are Artists Prophets? Part 2 Is it surprising that different artists have different callings? Of course not! Some are provocative, some are therapeutic, and others are more pragmatic, etc. If we look closely we’ll see these types of artists echo the three offices of Christ we find in the Bible. More than just prophets, we […]

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