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God's love for artists

God’s Love for Artists

God’s Love for Artists Have you ever wondered about God’s love for artists? Have you wondered if the Bible give us a reason to think God loves Artists? The simple answer: Yes! God loves artists, and the Bible makes this clear. If you have ever struggled as a creative to see how your faith and […]

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art & dangerous ideas kierkegaard

Art & Dangerous Ideas: Kierkegaard

Art & Dangerous Ideas: Kierkegaard Artists love to push their boundaries, but we cannot push boundaries wisely without asking ourselves, “How do we walk that line between art and dangerous ideas?” Kierkegaard will be our first philosopher to be examined in this series. As a Danish philosopher, theologian and poet, Soren Kierkegaard had deep concerns […]

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artists religion and free speech

Artists Religion and Free Speech

Artists, Religion and Free Speech Right now artists, religion and free speech are under attack here in the United States. The supreme court is deciding this issue right now. Hopefully, the Supreme court will once again designate art as part of free speech, and therefore covered by our first amendment. Why Should We Care? We […]

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