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God’s Imagination & the Incarnation

“The Word became Flesh” –John 1:14 “We cannot begin to live a life we cannot first imagine, and images stock the imagination’s repertoire.” –Margaret Miles, Seeing is Believing: Religion and Values in the Movies. If God has an imagination, then Christ in human form is the ultimate expression of that imagination, and the incarnation itself […]

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Arts, Humanity and Christianity

In Matthew 26, there is a surprising passage where a woman named Mary broke an alabaster jar and poured perfume on Jesus’ feet as a way to express her humility and devotion.  Jesus said it was beautiful, because this expression of her love for God was extravagant, elegant and shared no concern for what others […]

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Forgiveness in Hollywood

How do you ask a room full of executives, actors, writers and producers expecting humor to forgive someone of an offense? That was exactly what happened recently at the Cinematheque Award Ceremony when Robert Downey Jr. received the prestigious honor.During Downey Jr.’s acceptance speech, he said. “I asked Mel to present this award for me […]

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