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(Please note this podcast begins with a reading from the book of Ezekial before Rev. Joel speaks) Beauty.  What is it really? Does it only exist in the eye of the beholder?  It is so universally desirable that Americans alone spend over $54 Billion each year trying to look beautiful. It has been vastly misunderstood […]

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Dark Places

Exploring Dark Places in order to communicate truth. Discusses the challenge artists face in portraying  evil authentically.  Sentimental avoidance of evil, and gratuitous celebration of evil must be avoided.  So how do we address such a critical facet of our artwork?

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The Call to Create Culture

The Call to Create Culture by Joel Pelsue. Remember The Da Vinci Code? Consider the astonishing impact this fictional book had on our culture: It has 60 million copies in print, was translated into 44 languages, and the movie earned $215 million in the domestic box office and $540 million in overseas receipts. The Christian […]

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